Advantages and features of T2 cordless scrubber

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Industrial floor scrubber or T2 rechargeable scrubber from Tennant company is one of the most efficient and high-quality industrial hand scrubbers, which will provide very good cleaning quality with suitable design and dimensions. The importance of using mechanized cleaning equipment is very high due to increasing the ease of the cleaning process and also reducing the time and cost required to perform this activity. The use of these types of mechanized cleaning equipment such as rechargeable scrubbers can greatly increase the efficiency of service personnel in commercial, office, service, and industrial environments.

Industrial mechanized cleaning equipment with unique advantages and features provides many cleaning facilities and capabilities to the service user. Therefore, they can be used to facilitate, speed up, and optimize the cleaning process.

cordless scrubber dryer

Rechargeable scrubber or floor cleaner is one of the mechanized cleaning equipment that is used in optimal washing and cleaning of all application surfaces. Due to the small size and proper design of this industrial cleaning device, it can be used in crowded environments with a high density of materials. The main components of a cordless scrubber are clean and polluted water tanks, a high-pressure rotating brush, and a surface-suction system. The industrial floor cleaner separates the contaminants from the floor surface with the high speed of rotation of the brush and is sucked into the contamination tank by the suction system. This mechanized cleaning device is equipped with an intelligent system of spraying water and detergent and has a high effect on reducing water loss and detergent solution.

T2 Features and Benefits

Experience Tennant quality with the affordable T2 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer:

  • Clean in small, congested areas in one pass with the T2’s compact, easy-to-maneuver design
  • Experience Tennant quality cleaning performance while maintaining your budget. Scrub anytime, anywhere with a quiet 68 dBA sound level

Key machine features of the T2 Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer:

  • ۱۷ in / 43 cm cleaning path with Pad Assist that helps move the scrubber forward and can decrease operator fatigue
  • ۵۰ lb / 23 kg of down pressure and 230 rpm brush speed, delivered through a 1.0 hp / 0.75 kW brush motor provides powerful cleaning
  • Tennant’s Hygenic® recovery tank is easy to clean and can reduce scrubber-dryer tank mold, bacteria, and odors


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