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after sales service of Ebrahim company

After sale services is related to prepare service, equipment, and support after selling a machine or tool. It is necessary for the customer and also the companies. Ebrahim company which is known as a pioneer in supplying industrial cleaning machines, from the very beginning of its activity, enhances from after-sales service. In this department, the trained technician’s service to customers. Also, the spare parts, accessories, and machines are available to buy.


Ebrahim company has an after sale service department with a total area of 8000 square meters. The department is at a high level, in terms of the range and variety of spare parts and provides All needs of buyers. The spare parts are supplied from Provider of the device and have a high quality. The company’s after-sale service department includes three units: products warehouse, Spare parts and accessories warehouse and Technical unit.


Ebrahim’s after-sale service department is in Karaj- Garmdarreh with the following purposes.


One of the purposes of starting up the Ebrahim’s after-sale service department is providing a condition for customers to observe the machines and equipment. In products warehouse, the customer can watch closely any machine and their performance. so, they have a chance to choose a right machine which exactly suits their need.


Ebrahim company has the warehouses including the wide range of spare parts and accessories. These are from the main manufacturer of the machine that overcomes the need of customers. The spare parts in the case of any failure in the product’s performance will solve any problem. so, the machine will be ready to be used again.


The industrial cleaning machines providing by Ebrahim company are made of high-quality materials and components. Although the quality of products guarantees the long service life of them, the machines are durable. But in some case, Lack of care of the device or other factors can lead to downtime. In this situation, the user can contact the company to deliver support and any accessories. At first, the user should call to 87184 and asks the problem from the technician. If the technician fails to solve the problem, there are two other ways. If the user has a small and portable machine, it is possible to take it in the central workshop of Ebrahim company to repair the machine. Otherwise, the company will send the technician to the area to solve the problem as soon as.

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