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بررسی دلایل و اهمیت نظافت سقف در مراکز صنعتی

The importance of painting and cleaning the roof in industrial environments is often overlooked among the important day-to-day operations of the industry. If a significant part of the pollution produced in these centers due to the lightness and high diffusion capacity move to the ceiling and with accumulation in the long run can cause many dangers and problems. Therefore, the roof cleaning of industrial centers centers is a concept that should not be ignored. These contaminants range from dust to molds and pathogens, and what is important is the correct and timely collection of these contaminants in order to prevent damage to the roof, endanger the health of employees or in some cases dangerous accidents.

reasons for cleaning the roof in an industrial center

The roof cleaning of industrial centers, which is often neglected, is not only a beautifying factor for the environment, but in many cases is an essential factor to prevent possible damage and danger. Some important reasons for cleaning industrial roofs are:

– Prevent contamination of products

Dust, dirt, grease and other materials and wastes produced in different stages of production or storage of a product in the industrial environment are accumulated in the corners and roof texture of industrial units. Vibrations from heavy machinery cause the roof to vibrate and release dust and contaminants. Cleaning the roofs of industrial centers and in some cases painting can prevent the possibility of damage to devices and products, especially in centers with high sensitivity to pollution, by removing these contaminants.

– Protects the texture of the wall

It is essential to protect the industrial space against any kind of pollution and environmental hazards. As a result, sometimes in some industrial centers, it is necessary to clean the roof according to a specific plan to protect the roof from high temperature, UV radiation, excessive moisture and re-placement of contaminants.

– Avoid health hazards

Contaminated roof leads to poor indoor air quality, which leads to a variety of diseases and respiratory, allergic, skin allergies, etc for employees who spend long hours in these centers.

– Prevent the formation of mold on the roof

roof cleaning of industrial centers prevent the formation of mold. The constant accumulation of dust and dirt can cause the production of mold, bacteria, viruses, etc on the roof. An unpleasant odor and damage to the roof texture is one of the results of this. Cleaning the roof of industrial centers along with regular painting does not cause any disturbances in the center by preventing the growth of such microorganisms. Paint suppliers provide the right type of paint for industrial roofs that can deal with this type of contamination.

How to clean an industrial roof

Since the roof of an industrial plant is generally high, it is not accessible without the use of a support system, so a person who has not received the necessary training in this regard is not expected to do so correctly and without any risk. As a result, for this purpose, it is necessary to benefit from a group of experts and specialized devices and equipment. The use of detergent solutions for washing the roof, depending on its material and type of texture, vacuum cleaner equipped with a special hose to remove dust is one of these methods. For example, factories related to the production of combustible materials, such as factories producing sawdust, plastics, rubber, coal, grains, paper, metals, textiles, etc., require the use of a safe method to remove these pollutants from the gap. Beams, pipes and accessories are on the roof. Companies active in the field of roof cleaning of industrial centers use anti-explosion vacuum cleaner to clean these materials from the ceiling and walls without creating sparks.

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