Everything about electric floor scrubber and battery-powered model

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floor washing is a time-consuming, difficult operation which requires a lot of physical work, especially when washing the large areas or industrial environments are in need. In this case, the high volume of pollution, the need for continuous cleaning and washing and the size of the environment can Further cause and turn the washing of the floor into a tedious operation. But as always, technology has come to the aid of people to solve problems. The design of industrial cleaning devices has no longer made it difficult to collect contaminants and perform washing operations. Industrial floor scrubber machine is one of these equipment that with a fully mechanized function minimizes the amount of physical work. In terms of power supply, this device is divided into two models: electric and battery powerd scrubber, which can be prepared according to the needs of the user and the environment.

what to consider when buying floor scrubber machine?

In order to choose the most suitable device, some features need to be considered:

– Surface material

Surface materials can be wood, stone, cement, etc. Each of these surfaces requires special washing methods, and the use of multi-purpose machines can easily damage the flooring.

– power supply of the device

Electric floor scrubber or battery-powered, ride-on or walk-behind models need to be chosen according to the size of the area. Access to power cables, budget, the amount of access to the place, etc. are all determining factors when choosing the right type of the device.

– user-friendly operation

The approach of most manufacturers of industrial cleaning devices is simplicity and user-friendliness of the devices. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the instructions on how to use and maintain the device before applying it.

Necessary actions before using the device

Before starting to either electric floor scrubber or the battery-powered one, it is necessary to complete some steps to protect the device, increase the quality of cleaning and get the most out of the washing operation. These steps include:

Step 1: charge status of the battery

If you use a battery-operated floor cleaner, you must first make sure that the battery is fully charged, because in this case, the maximum power of the device can be used without interruption. When using the floor washing machine in the electric model, it is necessary to ensure access to a sufficient number of electrical outlets.

Step 2: Check the brush or pad

If the brush or pad of your electric floor scrubber or the battery-powered models is worn out, you are not going to see a clean shiny floor at the end! As a result, it is easy to check the brush and replace it with a new one if needed but first make sure which type of the pad or brush you need.

Step 3: Check the squeegee blade

checking the squeegee blade is necessary for the suction of quality contaminated water remaining on the ground. squeegee blade of the electric floor scrubber machine or battery-powered model is in constant contact with the surface, it may need to be replaced on a regular bases.

Step 4: Control the the solution and recovery tank

Ensuring that the recovery tank is completely empty before starting to use the industrial scrubber machine reduce the need of emptying it  and speeds up cleaning operation. It is also necessary to fill the solution tank as needed. in case of using detergents, that should be a foam-compatible substance.


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