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cleaning surfaces with wet and dry vacuum cleaner

One of the most important categories of industrial vacuum cleaner is type of material which will be suctioned. Vacuum cleaners can vacuum solids, liquids or both of them. Soil and water vacuum cleaners, have suction ability in vacuuming solids and liquids. in the following  text, structure, function and features of this type of vacuum devices will described.

The structure of wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Wet vacuum and dry vacuum have different mechanisms that will describe in the following text.

mechanism of vacuuming solid

pump is the heart of solid vacuum cleaners, which continuously discharging the air inside the tank. so always the air wants to come into the tank. in solid and dry vacuum cleaners, filter is the most important thing because it prevents the dust from returning to the clean air outside.

mechanism of vacuuming liquid things

its most likely to the solid type, and the only differents is:

  1. in wet vacuum cleaning the level of tank is important instead of filters, because if liquids enter to the top of vacuum cleaner after tank filling, it can damage the units of vacuum cleaner.
  2. the second important thing in wet vacuum cleaner is that the different parts of vacuum cleaner should be separate from tank and decrease the risk of damaging the units by liquid.


So the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a combination of liquid vacuum and soil vacuum cleaner.

Various applications of soil and water vacuum cleaner

this kind of vacuum cleaner can use in different applications, but apart from the self usage of wet and dry cleaning, it can use as a complementary device in industrial applications. firts it can use after using polisher to collect the remaining dust on the floor. second different usage of wet and dry vacuum cleaner is using after sandblasting with water jet to collect remaining sand and water.

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