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Cleaning solutions of the service companies

Cleaning the floor and machines in industrial and commercial area is important. The service companies perform all cleaning operations by using the various machines. Scrubber dryer, floor sweeper, vacuum cleaner and pressure washer are some of the machines that facilitate the indoor and outdoor cleaning operation.


The cleaning tasks in office and commercial areas are difficult due to vastness of areas. The service companies provide the floor cleaning machines with the operator to clean the floor efficiently and in a short time.

In commercial building and offices, people’s traffic causes pollution on the ground. The traditional cleaning method with a bucket and water is time consuming and so the service companies suggest to use a scrubber dryer. The machines remove dirt from the floor by spraying water and brushing. In Environment sensitive to health issues such as hospitals, you need an anti-bacterial scrubber to remove the batteries and enhance the environment healthy. Also, the parking can be cleaned by floor sweepers. The machines use the side and main brushes to pick up the garbage and send them into the hopper.


The service companies prepare some cleaning machines to remove dirt and derbies from outdoor areas. Also, washing the window and façade, should be performed by the machines of the companies.

Cleaning the outdoors

Outdoor in commercial, sport and industrial areas become dirty after a while. Cleaning the area is usually difficult by traditional methods and so, performed by floor sweepers. The machines collect dirt and derbies by using their side and main brushes without spreading any dust.

Façade and window cleaning

The façade of the building requires washing due to exposure to the various dirt. The modern and new methods of façade cleaning Is the use of pressure washer and façade cleaning equipment has made a great difference in doing so. The Pressure washers spray the water into the window and façade with high pressure. It is easy to access to points with high height by adding the lance to the pressure washers. Also, Façade cleaning machines are specially designed for this operation. The machines use a water purification system to eliminate in water minerals. The result is no blemishes on the window surface.

industrial area

In industrial areas, the cleaning operation is performed to increase the health and safety of employee, increase the life span of machines and improve the speed of operations. Cleaning the floor, machines and equipment and heavy duty operation are some of cleaning operation in industrial areas.

Cleaning the floor

The Production line halls and warehouse in industrial environments are important in terms of attention to health. The cleanliness of these areas is performed by floor scrubber. To eliminate deep contamination, the use of detergent with a certain proportion of water can be more effective.

Cleaning the machines and equipment

Removing the grime from the pipes and connections, equipment and machineries are important in industrial areas. To do so, the service companies provide the pressure washers.

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