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Different types of trolley and their advantages

The trolley is a most important tool for manual cleaning operation in hotels, restaurant, commercial area, hospitals, etc. Cleaning the floor, collecting the garbage and carrying a lot of tools and equipment are performed by the trolleys. These tools are compact with a recycled plastic body. In the following, we will introduce different types of a trolley.

Parts of the trolley

Trolleys use baskets for keeping dirt and fresh water, trash bin, Drawer for carrying appliance, etc. The simple models only use one or two buckets and mop. The winger is one of the most important parts of cleaning trolleys. It is used for discharging water from the mop.

Advantage of using a trolley

Trolleys are used for cleaning the floor, carrying the equipment and tools and garbage. The tool is simple to use and makes it easy to clean and transport equipment. The trolleys are light and the user doesn’t have any problem to push it. The tools are made of coherent plastic like Polypropylene to reduce weight and recycle the tools.

different types of trolley

The trolley is produced in various types that contain cleaning, multi purpose, service, and hospital trolleys.

Cleaning trolley

The cleaning trolley is the simplest model of the trolleys. It has a simple structure and fully ergonomic.  The simplest model of the trolley has the bucket to hold the dirty water, wringer, and a mop.

multipurpose trolley

the multi purpose trolley is a bit more professional from cleaning trolley. It is used for more cleaning operation and has a larger dimension. The separated fresh and dirty water baskets, press or roller wringer, a drawer for holding the tools, shelves for transporting the equipment and tools and trash containers are used in the different models of the multipurpose trolley.

hospital trolleys

hospital trolleys are made of the antibacterial material to prevent absorbing or spreading the bacteria on the floor. The trolleys are used in the sensitive area to bacteria like hospitals. The hospital trolleys have a trash bin to waste collection, the drawers for holding the tools and buckets with the handler to keep water, detergent and cleaning tools.

Service trolley

Service trolley is also known as a hotel or housekeeping trolley. It is suitable for performing the cleaning operation such as food and juice transportation and garbage collection. The food and juice put on the flat shelves with large space.

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