Everything about street sweeper

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The environments of cities and towns are exposed to a large amount of pollution during the day. Traffic, dumping garbage in the city by traders and passers-by, and even rain and snow double the municipal services. Therefore, at the end of the day, the cleaning services of the cities are done with high quality in order to maintain the beauty of our surroundings. The street sweeper is one of the best equipment to use for cleaning the city and collecting dirt quickly and easily. In this article, we want to express the importance of using this device and tips on buying the best urban sweeper.

What is the street sweeper?

A street sweeper is a mechanized cleaning machine that is driven like a car and uses it to clean and beautify the city environment. This machine has rotating brushes that collect dirt from street surfaces. The water tank installed on this device is also used to spray water on the surface and prevent the spread of dust during cleaning. Water spray is also used during cleaning to wash and clean the streets. Cleaning of large areas of towns, recreational and industrial centers is also done with the help of urban sweepers.

Some important points regarding the use and use of urban sweepers

Cleaning the streets without using an urban sweeper is difficult and unimaginable. Here are some tips to help you get started: The brand of the manufacturer and the reputation of the device supplier are very important. User training and user experience is another important point that should be considered when using a vacuum cleaner. The user of this device, in addition to passing the necessary training, must also have a heavy vehicle license in large car models. The urban sweeper must also have a water tank and the ability to spray water on the surface. The brushes of this device must be able to collect all kinds of impurities from the surface and the quality of the parts of the device must be high and have a long life.

Iranian floor sweeper

Iranian floor sweeper, recently designed and manufactured by Ebrahim Company, is one of our suggestions for cleaning your large urban and industrial environments. This device offers the highest quality with low energy consumption. Equipped with a powerful 4-cylinder engine, the large sweepers provide large tanks with an easy drain system, quick cleaning, and easy washing. The diesel fuel tank of this device has a capacity of up to 300 liters and you can use the device safely. Nozzles for spraying water on urban sweeper brushes are another feature of this device that prevents the spread of pollution in the environment. The cleaning brush of the device for collecting dirt from around is of disc type and the diameter of its disc brush is between 50 to 75 cm.


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