Exhibition of paper, cardboard and cellulose products Tehran 1400

International specialized exhibition of paper and cardboard, cellulose products, and related machines with the permission and assistance of the Trade Development Organization and the International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be held at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. This exhibition has been held with the aim of the presence of the activists of this class and creating a platform to introduce their products.

The possibility of establishing direct communication between suppliers and consumers in this field and viewing all products in a completely competitive environment is one of the advantages of this exhibition. Another advantage of holding this exhibition is the presence of various companies offering cellulose products from foreign countries and creating an internationally competitive environment.

Presence of Ebrahim Company in the exhibition of paper, cardboard, and cellulose products in Tehran 1400

Ebrahim Company with a history of thirty years of activity in the field of industrial cleaning by attending this exhibition of domestically produced services and products has introduced its industrial cleaning equipment to provide cleaning services to the paper and cardboard industries. Among the mechanized cleaning equipment and devices provided by this collection, we can mention industrial floor washing machines, various types of wet and dry pollutants collection equipment, and high-pressure washing machines.

The variety of mechanized industrial cleaning products offered by Ebrahim Company has made it possible to use this equipment in different environments and conditions. The use of up-to-date technologies in the products of Ibrahim Collection has placed this equipment at the level of foreign examples and has made it possible to compete with foreign brands in this field. At the same time, using the equipment produced by this group, by reducing the cost of purchasing, repairing, and maintaining these products, will lower the overall costs of the cleaning process of commercial, industrial, and service complexes.

Introduction of industrial mechanized cleaning equipment and devices

The purpose of Ibrahim Company in participating in the exhibition of paper, cardboard, and cellulose products is to provide a favorable environment for employers and owners of capital to know the equipment and mechanized cleaning devices. With sufficient information and knowledge in order to select and purchase mechanized cleaning equipment, a desirable and appropriate choice can be made for the collection cleaning processes and was effective in reducing cleaning costs and optimizing it with automatic equipment. Equipment such as vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and industrial water jets are among the equipment that is used to clean industrial complexes and production workshops.

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