ATEX explosion proof vacuum cleaner

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Industrial explosion proof vacuum cleaners are manufactured with ATEX certifications that are used to clean the explosible places which are contained explosive materials. The explosion-proof vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured in addition to the safety features of various models, along with a wide range of accessories. All the components and circuits used in the structure of these devices are equipped with an antistatic technology, all of which are connected by wire and ultimately connected to the ground; thus, all electrical charges before the spark, Will be evacuated. Having a high security factor in the structure of explosion-proof vacuum cleaners has made these equipment an integral part of industries such as military, oil, gas, petrochemicals, etc. Blasting explosives increase the speed of collection and materials and transfer them and, by increasing the efficiency and quality of operations, saves time and money in the process of collecting and transporting materials.

Explosion proof industrial vacuum cleaner and ATEX standard

The ATEX termed the term Explosible Atmospheres, which means the atmosphere or the explosive atmosphere. The European ATEX includes a set of regulations, standards and guidelines that include laws protecting against the dangers of flammable gases and dust in the industry. Gas, dust, fog, and steam are the most important substances that, if they are sufficiently concentrated in the atmosphere, if combined with ambient air, become a major source of ignition and can create an explosion. The ATEX standard emphasizes the explosion of the products provided by the companies, and is considered a reliable and verifiable reference and ensures user safety against potential hazards.

How the explosion occurred

There are three sources of fire in an environment: there is explosive material along with oxygen and the source of explosion. As the concentration of gases or vapors and dust increases, the risk of explosion and fire also increases. Particle size also plays a decisive role in the fire. When users use air-to-explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners or air-blast vacuum cleaners, air, oxygen and flammable substances are absorbed, and in fact, the two main sources of explosion are placed inside the vacuum cleaner reservoir, while the vacuum cleaner Because of the ATEX standard, the industry eliminates the third element of the explosion, the ignition source, and performs the process of collecting materials with high efficiency and safety.


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