Explosion proof vacuum cleaner advantages

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Flammable materials are materials that potentially contain a large amount of energy and cause an explosion and fire with a sudden spark. In many industries, there are raw materials or gases that are flammable and threaten the safety of workers and the workplace. If such materials are found to be leaking in the form of contamination and waste, its collection becomes a major challenge; on the other hand, the usual cleaning of industrial units with a risk of ignition and explosion with non-standard methods leads to compensation events Will be. In order to clean explosive zones, anti-explosive industrial vacuum cleaner and air-powered vacuum cleaner are designed and manufactured with ATEX certifications. The European ATEX standard describes what equipment can be used in explosive environments.

?What is the meaning of ATEX

Explosible Atmosphere Explosible refers to the explosive area, which is subject to explosion and fire hazard due to the presence of gas, dust, steam, liquids and flammable solids. All ATEX certificated systems and equipment are capable of being used in explosive environments in order to maintain the safety of the work environment in addition to performing the intended operation.

?What is ATEX vacuum cleaner

In explosive atmospheres due to the possibility of sparking and other sources of fire, the use of common vacuum cleaners is not possible, therefore the use of equipment with isolated systems has been produced. It is possible to design and manufacture professional blasting and blasting vacuum cleaners, cleaning up of high-risk zones and collecting fire-fighting materials. These equipment have ATEX certificate and special mark, and the manufacturers of these products are required to comply with all instructions and regulations. The structure of industrial suckers is such that it completely prevents the spark, and therefore there will be no conditions for explosions and fires.

?How does explosion proof vacuum work

In the aqueous suckers, the compressed air stream is used instead of the electric power as a power supply, and as a result, there is no need for an electric motor to provide propulsion. The vacuum is also created by a Venturi pump, in which the compressed air enters the pump and passes through the Venturi channel and leaves the other channel. In the Venturi channel, a branch to the sucker reservoir has been designed which, with the precise design of the pump and the speed of the compressed air, is created at the relative void channel and allows the air to come from the outside into the reservoir. Additionally, the anti-explosive air hermetic suckers have a solid stainless steel body (corrosion-resistant), antistatic filter, ground wire, anti-static wheels and special cable for transferring loads when the device is on Non-conductive surface is equipped.


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