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The manufacturer of the services provided by the experts displaying special information and the possibility of special use in the field of restriction of jobs and counseling services using health and legal services are at your disposal so that it can visit and be provided to you in this field. As a natural resource provider, we provide you with a level playing field, so you can use it to act for free and provide you with edits for the content provided. If you can view and review, can control restrictions for 72 hours, and they will stay alive. In order to provide the services of potential transmission of viruses, control and prevention centers of controlled resources, you can present your land surface as clean and disinfect using constructive and approved disinfectants.

Tips for cleaning and disinfecting floors against viruses

Remove dirt, debris and other contaminants before cleaning the floor.

Be sure to use a scrubber to wash floor surfaces as it can quickly remove stubborn contaminants and organic matter that are good hosts for microorganisms. The floor should be allowed to dry completely before proceeding.

Select the disinfectant approved by the health organizations and ensure that the consumables are suitable for the floor.

When preparing and using a disinfectant solution, the user must be wearing protective clothing and safety equipment.

Disinfectant solution should be prepared according to the instructions of the same product. Cases such as the time of contact with the ground or the ratio of water to the same substance must be carefully studied and observed.

As much as possible, reduce the amount of traffic and step on the surface and use safety protocols such as safety warning signs and barriers to entry into the area. This will prevent slipping and accident while the ground is still wet.

The disinfectant should be sprayed on the ground by spraying equipment, mop or scrubber dryer machine. If any of these are used, the material must be given time to show the rest of the material on the ground and its effects.

Make sure that the disinfectant stays on the surface long enough and dries naturally.

Drain tank which the disinfectant solution has been added at the end of the work. The scrubber or T used during cleaning should be thoroughly washed and cleaned to prevent chemical contamination.

During the disinfection cycle, additional and complementary processes can be achieved to achieve a safe environment for customers and clients.

If there is not enough time for the disinfectant to come into contact with the ground, there will be a false sense of environmental safety and the budget will be wasted. In each of the manual and mechanized methods, full attention should be paid to this point.

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