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Automatic heavy car washing system

Heavy machine washing has always faced many problems. Lack of access to all parts, low speed, low quality, waste of water and detergents, difficulty in choosing the right detergent are all among the most common of these problems. Today, using a fully automatic heavy vehicle car wash, different kind of heavy vehicle washing can be done. These car washes with unique features provide the highest quality in the shortest time and delay. In this fully automatic car wash, all parts of a heavy vehicle are washed by designing separate parts.

different parts of automatic heavy car washing system

One of the most common types of car washes built to wash different types of heavy vehicles is tunnel car washes. Equipped with a washing system, arc foam sprayer, smart photocells, high pressure vessels and a rim and stirrup washing system, it provides the possibility of specialized and correct washing of all parts. Here are some of the most important ones:

Foam spraying system

In order to solve various contaminants with suitable quality in some heavy machine washing car washes, a foam spraying arch is used before the machine enters the main arch. In this arc, specialized detergents are sprayed on the machine in a fully mechanized manner and due to the distance between this part and the foam washing part, it can dissolve the contaminants well.

Full Arch

Automatic car wash machines in some types are equipped with arches with water spray nozzles. The water spray arms are installed vertically and horizontally in the arch and in a suitable position, they spray high pressure water to the car body, so the water does not remove hard and sticky contaminants from the car body due to its high power.

Ring washing system

Rims and tires can be considered in the group of the most polluted parts in all types of cars. In advanced and specialized car washes, a special section is usually dedicated to wash these sections. By knowing the pedestrian area of ​​a heavy vehicle when washing and spraying high pressure water, various pollutants can be separated, especially from construction vehicles.

underside washing system

Washing the undersides of large and heavy cars with manual and traditional methods is undoubtedly a lot of problems. But the fully automatic heavy machine car wash, equipped with a washing system, has made it possible to spray high-pressure water to these parts. Equipped with a powerful motor to increase the water pressure to a certain extent and equipped with multiple nozzles for spraying water in a circular motion to the lower parts of the car are among the facilities of this section.

Fully automatic car wash detergent

One of the most important things when washing a car is to use appropriate detergents to solve all the contaminants at high speed and easily washed with water without damaging the car body. Materially used in all types of tunnel and gate automatic car washes must have the following characteristics:

  • – Appropriate concentration

    – High power in eliminating a wide range of contaminants

    – Eco-friendly

    – Compatible with the structure of the car wash machine and no damage to the internal parts

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