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Different types of high-Pressure pump

It is necessary to use a cleaning tools for removing dirt from the floor and any other surfaces. Washing the dirt surfaces by water and chemical solution is one of the cleaning operation in any areas. Today, a cleaning machine called pressure washer is manufactured which ensures easy cleaning with high quality. The machine sprays water into the surface with high pressure and reduce the cost of water and soap consumption. The pressure cleaner uses a pump to increase the pressure of intel water. in the article, we will describe specification of pressure washer pump in detail.

How does a pressure washer works?

The pressure washer needs to a water source to operate. The source is connected to the machine by a hose. The cleaning machine is equipped with a pump to increase water pressure. The pump requires the power supply ether electricity nor fossil fuel. The exited water from the pump , move forward to reach into the lance and nozzle.

Advantage of a high-pressure pump

High-pressure pump can increase the water pressure of a low flow rate. It should be durable and resistant to possible damage. The Low weight, compact size and affordability are another features of a high-pressure pump.

types of pump for pressure cleaner

The high-pressure pump in structure of a pressure cleaner is the Positive displacement type. In the pump, inlet and outlet valve act periodically to confine the water in the cavity and increase the pressure.

Reciprocating pump

Some of Positive displacement pump which have a plunger or piston, called Reciprocating pump that used in pressure washer. Plunger pumps consists of a cylinder with a reciprocating plunger in it. The suction and discharge valves are mounted in the head of cylinder. In the suction stroke the plunger pump retracts and the suction valves opens. So the fluid suck into the cylinder. In the forward stroke the plunger push the liquid out the discharge valve.

Features of Plunger pump

The plunger pumps are widely used in pressure washers. These pumps are in high level with high quality. no need to maintenance until 1000 hours operation and pumping the water with high pressure are available by using a plunger pump.

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