hotel and shopping mall scrubber dryer

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Business complexes and shopping malls are welcoming to many, and therefore maintaining hygiene and hygiene in such busy environments is essential and has become a challenging concern for service providers. Today, the construction of large commercial complexes is expanding and the importance of the grooming process is becoming increasingly evident. Cleaning operations for hotels and businesses requires a large number of manpower, and labor costs are increasing annually. Due to the high speed of this expansion, it is not easy to get past the level of cleanliness of the environment, and floor scrubber dryer are a valuable solution to the challenges of cleaning large, high-traffic environments.

Hotel cleaning problems

Cleaning operations of various parts of hotels and commercial complexes are associated with high costs

Used for cleaning detergents, which adversely affects the ambient air quality

In the rainy season, when customers arrive at the hotel, contamination is transmitted through the soles of the shoes, and these centers are more likely to slip because the centers are always polished and glossy

 After the floor surfaces are washed, the floor dries too late, and if people walk on the wet floor, they pose a risk of customers slipping


A floor scrubber dryer or industrial floor cleaner is used to wash the floor of the hotel lobby. It can remove stains, footprints and dirt. Spaces such as restaurants and dining areas can also be washed by floor scrubber dryer . Industrial flooring will be selected according to the layout and layout of the environment; for example, if the lobbies have a large space, a ride on floor scrubber dryer will be used and manual scrubbers will be used for dining halls with a higher density. The scrubber is equipped with a mechanized brushing system that dramatically improves the quality of the wash, and on the other hand it has a suction system which increases the drying speed of the surface with no accumulation of water and pollution, and no trace Do not stay on the surface of water and contamination.

Shopping center cleaning problems

 Commercial complexes are required to comply with hygiene standards and due to their high area and high traffic, it will be difficult to perform manual cleaning

 Traditional grooming disrupts the normal work of other people

 The grooming time is longer and the grooming process generally difficult

Manual cleaning costs a lot and professionals in the field of cleaning are hard to recruit


It is undoubtedly the best solution for cleaning commercial complexes and cleaning the surfaces of floor scrubber dryer . This machine eliminates dirt and stains on the floor and makes the flooring shiny and beautiful just like on the first day. Since there is a lot of traffic in shopping malls, the floor drying system eliminates the risk of slippage by collecting maximum water and pollution. Both manual and automotive floor scrubber dryer are used for shopping malls and are selected based on area and environment structure.


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