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How to clean the filter in industrial vacuum cleaner

One of the important parts in industrial vacuum cleaners is the filtration system. The basis of the filtration system is the separation and trapping of fine particles of dust. In fact, the filter used in the device ensures that the fine particles do not leave the tank. Considering the important role of filters in maintaining air quality and providing quality, their cleaning is often neglected. In order to maintain the initial quality of the device in collecting and cleaning pollutants, cleaning and timely replacement of filters are inevitable and necessary. The use of appropriate and specialized cleaning techniques for filters plays an important role in increasing the lifespan and efficiency of the industrial vacuum cleaner engine. Typically, a variety of methods are used to clean the filter, each of them is described briefly:

using manual techniques in cleaning the industrial vacuum cleaners filter

Manual filter shaker

This shock-absorbing filter system consists of a spring mechanism and acts by pressing the ergonomic handle which is located above the filter compartment. This system, by evacuating trapped pollutant particles in the micro filter pores, improves and optimizes the performance of the filtration system.

Manual Reverse Drain

In this cleaning method, the air is blown in the opposite direction to the filter and causes all blocked pores to open. The use of this system in filter cleaning results in a dramatic increase in filter performance. When using such a system, the intake valve is blocked for 5 seconds during the suction operation. In this case, by opening the drain valve for 1 to 2 seconds, the air is blown through the drain valve to the filter. A repeat of 2 to 3 times this action results in the loss of fine particles which is trapped in the filter pores.

Cleaning of industrial vacuum cleaner filters using automatic methods

Automatic Reverse Discharge

Industrial vacuum cleaner designed to continuously work, and the user does not have the time and opportunity to use manual cleaning tools, so they used automated cleaning tools. In this case, the drainage system is equipped with a compressor. When the sucker is turned off, the tab installed in the suction duct by blocking the duct and prevents fine powder particles from escaping.

Reverse Pulse System

It consists of a pneumatic system, which at regular intervals and completely automatic by blowing air inside the filter. Among the features of this cleaning system, you can specify the user’s filtering intervals.

Automatic discharge system

In this cleaning system, creating a compressed air pulse that passes from the top of the cartridge filter to the bottom causes the dust not to accumulate on the cartridges. electric controls installed outside the filter compartment is designed to allow the system to clean only one cartridge at any time, and thus the cleaning operation with the industrial vacuum cleaner is carried out continuously and without stopping.

Automatic Shock Filter

This filter cleaning system consists of a two-way air cylinder designed to be used in hazardous and toxic pollutants. This system is directly installed in the filter basket and, by compressed air at specified intervals, eliminates stacked dust particles inside the compartments. The vibrational frequency created by the pneumatic timers is to minimize the impact of optimal filter performance.

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