important parameters should be considered about an industrial vacuum cleaner

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Production process is always accompanied with dust and dirt. Removing dust and dirt from workplace is so important because of different reasons. air-born particles have a negative effect on staff health and these particles can act as allergens and be source of serious diseases. In addition, dust and dirt settle on production equipment or enter sensitive parts of machinery and cause them to go out of work. On the other hand, the quality of products can be affected by dirt and dust. So when you are going to select an industrial vacuum cleaner there are some important parameters which should be considered.

Material type

An industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to collect dirt and materials available at workplace. So the technical specifications of industrial vacuum cleaner should match the properties of material being sucked up. For selecting a suitable vacuum cleaner these factors should be considered:

The amount of material and its weight

When the particles are heavy, higher suction power is needed to collect them. It means that the vacuum cleaner should be able to create higher vacuum. The amount of dirt or material is important too. The vacuum cleaner should have suitable air flow which provides acceptable cleaning time. The capacity of vacuum cleaner’s container is important. For sucking up a huge amount of dirt, big hoper is needed and it is better that container has wheels and handle. So it can be easily moved and emptied.
Collecting light dust or material such as wool, feather or fiber can cause filter clogging. So for sucking up these material dust collectors or industrial vacuum cleaner with special design should be used.

Particle size

One of the most important parameters in selecting the right industrial vacuum cleaner is the filtration efficiency of vacuum cleaner. the filter of vacuum cleaner should filter particles as small as possible. Otherwise the passing particles enter the vacuum pump and damage it. Furthermore, these particles return to surrounding environment and decrease air quality. The filters usually used in industrial vacuum cleaners are L or M class and when it is needed the vacuum cleaner will be equipped with safety or secondary filter of HEPA.

High-temperature of abrasive materials

Sometime collected materials are abrasive or they have high temperature. In this case, the industrial vacuum cleaner should have a special hose, container and filter. These parts of the vacuum cleaner should be resistant enough against temperature and wear or the machine should be equipped with cyclone. For sucking up high-temperature material, NOMEX filters are used and containers made of stainless steel are suitable for collecting corrosive liquid or fumes.

Working conditions

When the vacuum cleaner is going to work under the rough conditions, it should be resistant enough. Otherwise it gets damaged easily and in a short time. Industrial vacuum cleaners are made of heavy-gauge steel and all metallic parts of product are coated with epoxy or other powder coatings. The machine should have large and strong wheels to move on tough flooring and most of the time it is necessary for an industrial vacuum cleaner to operate continuously. So turbine motors which are heavy duty and can operate round the clock are used in industrial vacuum cleaners.


When there is needed to clean areas with hard access, the industrial vacuum cleaner should be equipped with practical accessories which facilitate the cleaning operation.


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