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industrial vacuum cleaner filter unit

The filtration system is one of the most important parts of all kinds of vacuum cleaners, especially industrial vacuum cleaners which it would be impossible efficient cleaning without it. The filter unit traps sucked dust and fine particles and separates them from the air, so the fine particles are not allowed to back into the air. Industrial vacuum cleaners have different types of filtration systems it is depends on material what kind of filter is used.

?What is mechanical filtration of industrial vacuum cleaner

Mechanical filtration is a physical process that works like a dam and traps particles.  Industrial vacuum cleaner filters often are made of polyester or cellulose and the exhaust air cross them, finally clean air back to the environment.

?What factors affect the mechanical filtration

Industrial vacuum cleaner filtration system has been affected by four main factors includes particle size, air load on primary filter and operational time.

Particle size

Smaller particles require a stronger filter unit. Fine particles are able to permeate into filter sinew. Accordingly, industrial vacuum cleaner filters are classified into three categories:

L class filter: L class filter traps particles as small as 3 microns and it is used as the main filter.

M class filter: This category of filters is capable of trapping particles with dimensions of one micron.

H class filter: HEPA or H class would be installed as secondary or safety filter which is able to trap fine particles as small as 0.3 microns. Typically these filters are used in situations that very fine and powdery materials are collected.

Air load on primary filter

Airflow is one of the main characteristics of the industrial vacuum cleaner. High speed particles are able to penetrate the pores and particles pass and slower particles remain on the filter surface. Large area filters have less air load, thus high efficiency filtration is provided.

Time Performance

After a while the pollution remains on the filter surface. It causes filter clogging and loss of power suction efficiency because there is no air flow to remove them. To avoid clogging the filter of industrial vacuum cleaner it is necessary to clean filter on time.

Safety filter

One way to optimize filter performance is setting the HEPA as safety filter. In such cases there is more opportunity for separating particles from the air and amortization of the filter will be reduced significantly.

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