The effective parameters on the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner

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Nowadays, the traditional cleaning methods have been replaced by modern methods and equipment. Using modern equipment and cleaning machines has increased the quality and speed of cleaning operations. In addition, these machines provide us with more hygiene. One of the most popular devices is vacuum cleaner which is widely used in all homes, companies and even factories. Every day new models of vacuum cleaner are designed and produced. All vacuum cleaners from small commercial one to vacuum loader machine are similar in principals of their operation. What differentiate various vacuum cleaners are their suction power, airflow, capacity and filtration system. The cleaning ability of vacuum cleaner is one the most important parameters which should be considered when you are going to buy a new vacuum cleaner. But how you can find how powerful a vacuum cleaner is in cleaning operation.

Relationship between cleaning ability and power

One of the most known technical specifications of a vacuum cleaner is its power. Most of the people think the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner is related to its power and when a vacuum cleaner has high power that means the machine is able to clean better. This is a wrong idea and although, there is a relationship between the vacuum cleaner power and its cleaning ability, the power indicates how much energy the machine consumes.
How to evaluate a vacuum cleaner cleaning power
The propitiate performance of a vacuum cleaner generally depends on two factors:

Suction power

This parameter is measured in millimeters of water lift. For measuring this parameter the motor should be totally sealed and it indicates how many millimeters the motor will vertically lift a 1 millimeter column of water. Water lift shows the power of vacuum cleaner in picking up or lifting dirt from the floor. When a vacuum cleaner has a high suction power, it is more effective in picking up dirt or heavy material. This factor is so important especially when an industrial vacuum cleaner is going to be chosen.


The air flow of vacuum cleaner is measured in cubic meter per hour. It refers to the movement of air through the vacuum cleaner. This parameter shows how much dirt can be moved to the hopper of vacuum cleaner. In commercial vacuum cleaner is the most important factor in cleaning ability of machine. In industrial application when tiny particles such as dust should be sucked the high suction power is not necessary but the air flow should be high.

How to increase water lift and air flow

These two parameters are mainly related to the vacuum pump and its performance. A pump which can create a high vacuum has high suction power. The pumps of industrial vacuum cleaners are more powerful than commercials’ one. The power suction is related to the pump structure accuracy. Air flow depends on pump capacity and for increasing the air flow you can increase the number of pumps.


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