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Everything about pressure washer

Cleaning the floor and surface of equipment is an important task in any domestic, commercial or industrial area. The traditional method is not efficient to perform the cleaning operation. So, today there are many different cleaning machines that facilitate the cleaning process. The pressure washer is one of the machines that remove dirt by using the water with high pressure.

Main parts of pressure cleaner

The main parts of pressure cleaner are the pump, nozzle, motor, lance, trigger and hose. The pump delivers the water from a source and increases its pressure. The high-pressure hoses are used to tolerate the pressure of water and the nozzle determine how sprayed the water. we will describe the feature and operation of parts of pressure washer in the following.

High-Pressure pump

The high-pressure pump uses an electrical, diesel or petrol motor to increase the pressure of water. the pump traps the specific volume of water and enters a force into the water in a limited space. The pressure washer with operating pressure of 1000 bar and more are used for specific duty such as concrete demolition. But the other machines with less pressure are applicable for daily cleaning operation in domestic or industrial areas.


Pressure washers are equipped with the nozzle to adjusting the pattern of the sprayed water. It is important to fit the nozzle with the flow rate of water and motor power. Maybe, a small nozzle causes damage to the machine or a large one decreases the cleaning power. The knife flat nozzle is used for surface cleaning and removing the deep contamination. The rotary nozzle is made of a zero-degree nozzle that has a rotational movement. So, it is good for cleaning the contamination such as oil or doing the special operation like cleaning the paints.

High-pressure hose and lance

The pressure washers use the high pressure in length of 10 meters to 30 meters. The hose is strong but may be damaged and need to be replaced. Increasing the length of hose can reduce the pressure of water.

Lance is placed between the trigger and nozzle of a pressure washer. There are some special lances in addition to standard ones. For example, underbody lance is used for cleaning the car underbody surface.

Different types of pressure washer

The pressure washer base on the power supply is divided to petrol, electric and diesel. The electrical pressure cleaners are silence and used in indoor or outdoor areas. The diesel or petrol machine pollute the environment, so it is better not to use it in indoors. For cleaning the deep dirt or oily dirt, you can choose a hot pressure cleaner.

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