Iran Beauty 2021 exhibition

In the last two years, the Iran Beauty Exhibition has been delayed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. This year, it has been decided that Iran Beauty Exhibition will be held from 28 to 31 May at the venue of Iran’s international exhibitions. The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce industrial detergents and various industrial cleaning equipment. Exhibition of Detergents, Cleaners, Hygiene, Cellulose Tehran (Iran Beauty) is one of the largest and most popular specialized exhibitions in the field of detergents, cosmetics, hygiene, and cellulose in the region, which is attended by a large number of foreign and domestic companies. Ebrahim Company is one of them and it is a good opportunity to establish communication, introduce products to different collections and industries.

Ebrahim Company’s presence in Iran Beauty 2021 exhibition

Ebrahim Company with three decades of experience in the field of mechanized cleaning equipment and detergents related to this field is one of the activists in the field of industrial cleaning and participates in Iran Beauty 2021 exhibition. This group is one of the largest providers of industrial cleaning products and detergents by offering a variety of domestically produced industrial detergents. The presence of this company in the Iran Beauty 2021 exhibition and high experience in the field of mechanized industrial cleaning, equipment, and detergents will be a good opportunity to sign a contract for commercial and industrial complexes to benefit from equipment, devices, and industrial detergents provided by Ebrahim Company. Was.

Providing quality products and superior cleaning services is one of the main goals of the Ebrahim collection, and this is in line with the goals of holding the Iran Beauty exhibition. Therefore, the introduction of various types of industrial detergents and cleaners in this exhibition can be a good opportunity to identify efficient industrial detergents and companies providing these products.

Types of industrial detergents

The use of industrial detergents in the cleaning of commercial and industrial complexes can improve the quality of cleaning and will be effective in raising the level of health and hygiene of the complexes. Detergents such as degreasers and degreasers, waxes and polishes, carpet and carpet cleaners, and disinfectants can be used in various cases of cleaning the office, commercial, service, and industrial complexes.

The use of appropriate detergents to remove various contaminants can prevent damage to surfaces and provide high-quality cleaning of the desired contaminants. This will reduce the cost of maintenance and cleaning of surfaces and equipment.

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