ultra high pressure washer usage for paint shop

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The body of cars consists of layers of phosphate paints, liners, primers, base coats and killer coats, and in order to apply these paint layers in the car factory, various processes are performed on the car. The painting stage is a very important and vital stage in car production, which takes place in special halls using special and advanced equipment. In some stages, the body is immersed in the paint by special methods and in some stages, the paint is sprayed, and before starting all these steps, the body must be prepared for painting. Due to the continuous operation of the production line of the automobile factory, there are always severe traces of paint on the floor and walls of the hall, which is in fact a kind of industrial pollution.

Washing the paint salon with industrial pressure washer

A new, completely effective and, most importantly, safe and harmless solution for cleaning the paint salon is the industrial high pressure washer machine for the paint salon. Washing the paint salon with industrial pressure washer is done quickly and accurately and is an environmentally friendly and ergonomic method.
The process of painting the grids as well as the walls requires the use of high pressure washers as well as special nozzles, and in addition to using industrial vacuum cleaners that are also capable of sucking water, paint residues Isolates are collected and thus the environment is optimally cleaned.

How does an industrial high pressure washer machine work

Industrial high pressure washer devices for paint salons or pressure washers are one of the most widely used industrial cleaning devices that, by increasing the pressure of ordinary water flow, hit the pollutants and finally loosen them to cause these materials to separate from the surface without causing damage. Be. The outlet water pressure depends on the structure of the device and its pump, and the more severe and severe the pollution, the stronger the waterjet with the higher working pressure must be selected. In order to wash the paint hall, a high pressure industrial water jet device is used, which has a pressure of more than 1000 bar.

Nozzle for industrial paint high pressure washer nozzle for washing the grid
Nozzle nozzle is specially designed for high pressure washing of the ground surface, which is connected to the industrial high pressure washer machine and is used for surfaces that are severely contaminated, without contaminants being thrown around. Using this method in paint salons to remove deep and old layers of paint, it will not be necessary to use chemicals, which are thus safe from personnel and environmentally friendly.


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