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Different part of the pressure washer

Pressure washer is a cleaning machine for removing dirt from the floor, equipment. It uses the high pressure water to extract dust and dirt and make a clean place. In the following, we describe the different parts of the pressure washer and the performance of the machine.

Power supply

High Pressure cleaner are manufactured in two models with difference in the power supply: electric pressure washer and diesel or petrol ones. The electric pressure washers are inexpensive and can be used in environment with convenient access to a power outlet. It is silence and can operate in a long time. The diesel or petrol pressure washer doesn’t need to electricity and are suitable for wide places. it uses a powerful motor and pump and It is easy to carry it. also, turbo nozzle or rotary brush provide better performance with diesel or petrol machines, due to a higher power.

high Pressure pump

Pressure washer pump is available in both slider and plunger. The slider pump produces the water up to 259 bar and can be used until 3 years by 2 hours per week usage. The plunger pump is a reciprocating pump consist of a cylinder and a cylindrical plunger. To put pressure on the water, the cylindrical plunger moves in a close chamber.

Flow and pressure of water

The flow and pressure of spraying water are important in quality operation and completely removing dirt. Water pressure expresses in a bar. The more water pressure, can remove dirt more powerful. Flow water is the volume rate of water flow that is transported through a given cross-sectional area in a given time. Pressure washer with high flow water cleans the surfaces in a less time.

Water temperature

There are two different types of the pressure washer in term of water temperature: cold and hot. The hot pressure washer increases the water temperature by a heater or burner system. The machines remove any stain, oil, grease and grime efficiently. The heater systems are available in both electric and diesel. The diesel burner has a vertical combustion chamber which provides the machine with high thermal efficiency.


Pressure washer hose should be a high pressure one with high strength. The best pressure washer hoses are made from Polyurethane. It has a stainless steel structure with plastic cover that can be belted easily. Also, a Large-diameter hoses sprays more water, but it is difficult to carry a too thick hose.


Nozzles are produced in different types with difference in spray angle. The nozzle which delivers a zero-degree spray pattern is used on hard surfaces. The other nozzles deliver pressurized water using a 15, 25 or 50-degrees spray pattern. The nozzles are used in more sensitive surfaces such as outdoors or patios.

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