Prevent the spread of corona virus in the environment by using antibacterial cleaning equipment

کاربرد تجهیزات نظافت برای مقابله با ویروس کرونا

In early December 2019, the first case of Corona virus was diagnosed in Wuhan, China. Corona is a mutated virus that causes the symptoms of colds and respiratory illness in people with more serious complications such as pneumonia, headaches and body aches and fatigue. The number of people infected with the virus increased from 40 to 440 within a week. The corona virus is usually transmitted from one species to another animal, there is no vaccine for the disease at present and the only way to prevent it is to timely diagnose it and to keep it clean of the malicious virus. Reports from countries such as the US, Germany, Japan and Vietnam show The transmission of the virus is transmitted from people infected with sneezing and coughing to others.

Prevention of Corona virus transmission and cleaning

Improving environmental health, especially in hospitals, can significantly control the chance of the virus and play a declining trend in the growth of this dangerous virus.
-How to properly use a disinfectant to protect the person and to clean the surfaces and clean the tool
-Continuous cleaning of corridors and patient room doors
-Cleaning hospital surfaces and environments for service staff
-Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and surfaces, horizontal and dust-free.
-Proper personal protection of service staff when cleaning equipment
-Necessity to wash and disinfect hospital wards including worktops and sinks for hand washing
-Disinfectant disinfectant for continuous cleaning of surfaces and medical devices such as regular contaminated handsets.
-Disinfecting napkins with antibacterial detergent.. Trolley use consists of two parts: clean and dirty water

-Duration of exposure to T and Napkins and surfaces with disinfectant

-Control sources of pollution such as contaminated containers and common hospital space contamination

-Prevention of infections and infection control

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