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usage of restaurant trolley and cleaning trolley

Halls and restaurants are the most important and widely used spaces for holding all kinds of gatherings, and therefore, many people are present in these places when holding ceremonies and celebrations. With the increase in the number of guests and participants in the ceremony, the staff working in the hall and restaurant should receive guests more quickly and accurately, and the increase in the number of people present should not affect the quality of staff work. On the other hand, the hygiene and cleanliness of the environment must always be maintained and stable in order to prevent the transmission and spread of germs and to create a feeling of satisfaction among the guests. The use of appropriate and efficient equipment in order to increase the speed of action in customer service is very important that the use of restaurant and hall trolleys can help achieve this goal. There are various trolleys that can be used in restaurants and reception halls and increase the speed and quality of services provided.

Restaurant trolley

Restaurant and hall trolleys are used to provide various services. Applications of restaurant and hall trolleys include easy cleaning of floor surfaces, easy dusting, better customer service, easy transportation and light weight of trolleys. Restaurant and hall trolleys are also used to move items such as dishes and dirty dishes. Trolleys can easily carry and carry all items related to serving food, beverages and fruit, without having to worry about them falling and spilling due to the trolley’s movement. Because the smoothness and shine of the floor surfaces in the halls and restaurants is a sign of cleanliness and cleanliness of all parts of these places, the use of trolleys in restaurants and halls can also increase the cleanliness of the floors. Be very effective. The best trolleys for transporting food in restaurants and halls are compact polyurethane trolleys, because they can be easily cleaned.

Cleaning trolleys

Cleaning trolleys are the simplest type of trolley. Which are used for cleaning and moving cleaning tools. These trolleys have separate buckets for carrying clean water and dirty water. A water intake system is installed on this trolley that is used to compress the T fibers and remove the contaminated water from it, so like traditional buckets and tees, the contamination does not remain in the T. More advanced models of cleaning trolleys, in addition to two buckets and a water intake, have sections for storing and carrying other cleaning tools, and complete accessories such as pads, detergents, cleaning wipes, cleaning handles, garbage bags, etc. It fits.

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