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Technical review of Pressure washer

Pressure washer is an efficient cleaning machine that uses a high pressure pump to increase water pressure. This pump is started by an electric or diesel engine. The industrial pressure washer pump is waterproof and directs a certain flow of water with pressure outwards. The water leaving the pump enters the lance and nozzle through a high pressure hose. The design style and nozzle angle of the device determine how water is sprayed on the contaminated surface. In general, for each high-pressure washer, nozzles of a certain size are called that match the water flow and engine power. The smaller the nozzle diameter, the faster the water spray and as a result the outlet water is thrown out with more force. High pressure water coming out of the nozzle hits the surface with high kinetic energy and removes contaminants from the surface. Two important factors for the effectiveness of a high pressure washer are water flow and working pressure of the device. the pressure washer are divided into hot and cold water in terms of outlet water temperature.

Technical and technological review of industrial pressure washer

Industrial pressure washer device has chassis, motor, high pressure pump, high pressure hose, lance and nozzle. The powerful pump and motor of the device cause the contaminants to be removed from the surface with more power. The difference between the chassis of pressure washers in small and large models has made it easier to move small models and slightly larger models. Other parts of the pressure washer include the pressure washer hose, on / off switch and hose reel (some models). The high pressure hose transfers water from the pump to the nozzle and the lance, and the nozzle determines how the water is sprayed on the surface. The lance is the other part of the pressure washer that is the interface between the gun and the nozzle.

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