Tennant introduces 3 new floor scrubbers

Over the past year, the environmental clean-up process has become more important than ever, and Tennant has made it easier than ever. The introduction of three new mechanized floor cleaners will make the industrial surface cleaning process faster, more efficient, and safer than before. These three new industrial scrubbers will meet the need of large production, commercial, office, and industrial complexes for mechanized industrial cleaning machines and equipment with competitive and exemplary quality.

Choosing the right industrial scrubber from Tennant

Ebrahim Company, a provider of mechanized industrial cleaning equipment and devices, has provided the possibility of using and purchasing a wide variety of these mechanized industrial cleaning pieces of equipment at reasonable prices for industry owners and commercial complexes by offering industrial cleaning products and various types of industrial scrubbers. The choice of Tennant industrial scrubber will depend on the size of your environment, how you use the machine, and the type of contamination. Among the points that you should pay attention to when buying an industrial scrubber, the following can be mentioned:


  • Size and user of the environment, what are the dimensions of the desired environment, and at what time of the day is it cleaned?
  • The conditions of the cleaning environment, what is the amount of traffic in the environment?
  • Challenges and specific environmental conditions, are there any special conditions for using cleaning equipment that makes cleaning more difficult?


Using this information and expert advice, you can easily decide which of Tennant’s industrial scrubber models will meet your needs. The use of new cleaning methods can have a great impact on reducing cleaning challenges such as cleaning costs and maintaining and promoting the health and safety of facilities and the environment. A variety of mechanized cleaning equipment ensures health, safety, and environmental safety at the lowest cost by providing a set of basic solutions and solutions.

Tennant new industrial scrubbers

The new Tennant scrubbers are well-designed and compact to meet the challenges of cleaning in many situations. Tennant floor washing machines from schools to hospitals, small and large shopping malls to large industries will meet the cleaning needs of users.

Features and facilities of three new Tennant industrial scrubbers


  • The new and special design of the cylindrical brush and rubber blade for suction of impurities in T290 industrial scrubber
  • Equipped with two cylindrical rotating brushes, the T390 scrubber has become a powerful device for optimal cleaning of floor surfaces.
  • Tennant T581 manned scrubber makes user comfort and optimization of the cleaning process possible for a large commercial space.


Industrial walk-behind scrubber T390

Tennant Industrial Scrubber is an ideal device for medium spaces in hospitals, grocery stores, and public institutions. The T390, with its propulsion engine, will facilitate the cleaning process and reduce the energy required for this process. The two rotating disc brushes of this machine optimize the efficiency of the cleaning process while maintaining maneuverability and allow you to clean the environment more efficiently.


  • Equipped with a steel brush protector, for the optimal protection of the scrubber
  • Larger clean and polluted water tanks to increase the optimal performance of the device
  • Ability to replace suction brushes and tires without the need for equipment and tools
  • Ease of navigation and control of the device
  • Identify the parts that need to be maintained in yellow for easy access
  • Indicator light to warn of low tank water level


T581 Ride-on scrubber

Tennant company with the special design of T581 industrial ride-on scrubber has provided the possibility of operating the device silently, which with 20% more operating time in ECO mode, is a suitable option for cleaning larger areas in hospitals, schools, and stores. The compact design of the T581 facilitates maneuverability and movement in dense spaces, in addition, this industrial scrubber can easily clean larger areas with the desired speed and quality. The ease of use of this mechanized cleaning equipment is one of the main reasons why kits tend to use Tennant scrubbers.


  • Brushing equipment and trowel replacement system without the need for tools
  • Ability to adjust the flow rate and water spray and other cleaning functions of the device through the control panel
  • A large tank of contaminated water to collect more contaminated volume
  • Equipped with multi-stage vacuum motor to increase the suction power of water and pollution from the surface
  • Ability to quickly empty the contamination tank by having a tank drain hose and reducing discharge and cleaning time of the device
  • The special design of pollution suction system to increase the durability and optimal operation of the suction system

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