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Does timely replacement of scrubber parts affect how it works?

An industrial cleaning machine delivers cleaner and healthier surfaces to the user than other cleaning methods. Also, it saves time, costs such as workforce, as well as water and detergent consumption. The consumable parts of a device such as a scrubber have a long life, and after the expiration of this life and the wear of the elements, these components must be replaced; If you do not return the scrubber parts, the qualitay of cleaning will deteriorate, and worn parts may cause scratches on the surfaces.

Replacement of scrubber parts

The scrubber consists of several parts. Most of the parts do not need to be replaced until they break down, but we have introduced the used features that have a lifespan and should be replaced after a while, and an explanation is given about each of them. These parts are:

۱. The main brush

The central part of cleaning surfaces is the brushes produced in different types depending on the type of surface. In general, rough brushes have more cleaning power and soft brushes are used to increase the transparency of the character or the same polish. The roughness and softness of the meeting do not affect their lives, and when the height of the brush fibres reaches less than 16 mm, the brush must be replaced. The size of all types of meetings is the same, which is 3-4 cm.

۲. Rear and side suction tires

The most important reason for the popularity of the scrubber is the ability to dry the ground while washing it; this is possible due to a squeegee blade and suction pump. The Squeegee blade consists of two front and rear tires that trap dirty water between its two edges and collect the dirty water suction pipe. Most scrubbers have a tee tire on the back of the device, but some scrubbers are also equipped with a side tee tire.

۳. squeegee blade

squeegee blades are more prone to failure than other equipment due to constant contact with the ground. Of course, a very vital point in using squeegee blades is that these types of equipment are not disposable, and you can use them twice. To do this, after both pieces of squeegee blade wear out, return it and remove it from the healthy part. They are used as a new squeegee blade. The squeegee blade is one of the most critical replacements for scrubber parts, preventing slipping or falling on dirty water by changing the squeegee blade regularly.

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