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Answers to 8 questions about washing concrete surfaces with industrial pressure washer

Concrete surfaces are used in many environments for floor surfaces, walls, etc. Regular washing of concrete increases its lifespan and maintains its beauty. It is difficult to tell when a concrete surface needs to be cleaned because dirt and contaminants build up slowly on these surfaces. But when washing concrete surfaces, the result is quite noticeable. There are several ways to wash concrete surfaces, among which, using an industrial pressure washer machine is one of the best methods. Washing concrete surfaces with a pressure washer, which is done by applying high-pressure water, has several advantages. In this article, 7 important points for washing different types of floors and concrete surfaces with industrial pressure washer are stated.

Is it possible to wash any concrete surface with a pressure washer?

Industrial pressure washers are suitable for cleaning all concrete surfaces if you follow the method recommended by the manufacturer. Most concrete surfaces can be cleaned with a pressure washer. But avoid washing painted or printed surfaces, as spraying pressure may completely erase the design. It is also suitable to use a pressure washer for washing concrete paving surfaces. Whenever you are unsure of the surface resistance of an industrial water jet to water pressure, it is best to start with a small range. Start at a level that is not in public view and see the effect of water pressure on that part. If you are sure of this, wash the other parts with a pressure washer machine.

How to quickly clean a large concrete surface?

If you are cleaning a smooth concrete surface, moving the machine in the environment will be very time-consuming. In this case, you should use a pressure washer that has smooth-moving wheels. These devices are used in cleaning large and flat concrete surfaces such as parking lots, warehouses, tennis courts, etc.


What are the accessories for washing concrete surfaces with a pressure washer?

Using peripheral equipment, you can wash concrete surfaces with a pressure washer faster and easier. Sandblast nozzle is one of this equipment, which was described in the previous section, but has a limited application in washing concrete surfaces. To speed up the cleaning operation, use a turbo nozzle to clean contaminated surfaces faster. Turbo or rotating nozzle with fast rotation makes concrete surfaces wash operations faster and more efficiently. If you use this nozzle, keep it constantly moving so as not to create unevenness on the surfaces. Another option is to use a specialized pressure washer nozzle. Using this accessory to clean concrete floor surfaces reduces cleaning time. The industrial pressure washer nozzle also helps you to quickly remove grease, soot and dirt from the concrete and cement surface.

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