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Trolley and advantages of use it

Today trolley is an important cleaning tool for manual operations that has ergonomic and eco-friendly design. Trolleys have been produced in various types and all kinds of them have an impact on cleaning time and can improve the quality of cleaning and garbage collection. The trolley can carry many types of equipment easily.

Trolley for cleaning and washing

Cleaning and washing are two integral steps and they are always done together. The trolls have a variety of models and sizes that allow them to be used in a variety of environments.

Housekeeping trolley

Housekeeping trolley has been produced in small size and has separated tanks for fresh and dirty water which called solution and recovery tank. This kind of trolley has been equipped with a press or roller wringer.  Advanced trolleys can be fitted with a detergent tank and more accessories.

Cleaning trolley

Cleaning trolley, although it has a simple structure, today it is one of the most important and most used manual cleaning tools. Cleaning trolleys are well-equipped with separate solution and recovery tanks. It is a good system for cleaning and washing the environment. This type of trolley is capable of being equipped with a detergent chamber, a garbage storage etc. which increase the speed, ease and quality of cleaning and washing.

Multipurpose Trolley

Multi-purpose trolleys have larger dimensions than home trolleys and have more accessories. The multi-purpose trolley has several usages, including cleaning and washing. The structure of this type of trolleys makes it possible to separate the waste from each other.

Service trolley

Service trolleys are used in hotels, restaurants, etc. and can carry various accessories and equipment. The service trolley has enclosed containers, which makes it easy to transport the goods in a completely regular manner. In places such as hotels, restaurants, etc., in order to serve as quickly and efficiently as possible, the use of service trolleys is an appropriate and efficient way.

Hospital trolley

Another type of trolls is a hospital trolley that has a unique structure for use in therapeutic environments because they have been made of anti-bacterial structure. It causes to eliminate the growth and reproduction of bacteria and prevents the spread of unpleasant smells. These trolleys have quiet doors and no noise.

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