Guide to choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner

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An industrial vacuum cleaner is a device known as a powerful cleaning equipment that is able to meet even the largest and most difficult cleaning needs of a center. Regardless of whether the material is light or heavy, powdery or chemical, combustible, dry or liquid, a suitable industrial suction device can always be found to collect them. But due to the fact that the variety of industrial cleaning device is very high, at first glance, choosing the right model may seem a little difficult, so the following guide to choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner is provided.

Buying a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner

As mentioned, the variety of industrial cleaning devices, including industrial vacuum cleaners, is very high, but what makes this variety in a vacuum cleaner? The basis of the operation of all these devices is to create a vacuum in the tank by a suction pump and then suction air with contaminants. These contaminants are directed into the tank after passing through the filtration system. Among these, the type of pump and motor, filtration system, tank volume, power and suction speed are all other parameters that should be considered when buying a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner.

– What is the purpose of using a vacuum cleaner?

When the features and specifications of the machine match its application, the best performance and the most satisfaction are provided. From the smallest grain of powder to the largest parts under cleaning and all the details are important for choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner. So the first question that needs to be answered completely is: What kind of material do you collect? Will you have enough access to air? How small are the particles in the environment? Are they highly flammable? Knowing this information, in addition to helping you choose the right model of the device, can prevent major work injuries and hazards.

– Proper filtration system

One of the most common questions when buying an industrial vacuum cleaner is the right type of filter. For example, a high-performance HEPA filter used in many industries can be at least 99.97% efficient in removing particles with a diameter of at least 0.3 micrometers. This amount is much smaller than a coffee bean or red pepper and even a small dot that is approximately 615 micrometers.

– Suction power

When buying an industrial vacuum cleaner, there is a misconception that the power of the device depends only on the amount of vacuum created in the tank and therefore the power (in terms of watts-kilowatts) of the device. But there are several other factors that indicate the power of a suction device to collect contaminants.

– The order of maximum capacity

Another very important question to consider when buying an industrial vacuum cleaner is the capacity of the tank. Unlike home vacuum cleaners, which store collected materials in bags and require frequent replacement, industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to simplify this process by providing more volume and capacity. Larger tanks increase the speed of industrial cleaning by allowing them to be emptied less often.


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