floor scrubber dryer terminology

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one of the most practical and popular cleaning machines is scrubber dryer which is used to cleaning the floor in different commercial and industrial places from public shop centers and malls to big industrial big warehouses. These useful machines are designed and produced in various models and for selecting a right scrubber dryer, different parameters including the flooring type, floor evenness, surface area of place, and even the width of doorways should be considered.
There are some terms which are written in the catalogue of any kind of floor scrubber. These terms explain the technical characteristics of the machine and knowing them help you to buy a scrubber dryer which exactly meets your needs.

The scrubber dryer’s terminology includes


the length, width, and the height of scrubber are indicated be dimension. The size of machine is important since it should fit the width of doorways and narrow area such as corridors. In addition, sometimes there is limitation in machine’s storage.

Cleaning/working width

It is the width of brush or pad not the width of scrubber’s body.

Squeegee width

It is the width of the scrubber’s squeegee which is located at the rear of the machine and collects the remaining water and dirt. This width is always bigger than cleaning width of machine.

Vacuum power

It is the power of scrubber in sucking remaining water and dirt.

Tank capacity

Scrubber dryer has two separated tanks for solution and recovery. The capacity of these tanks determines that how long the machine can work without need for refilling or emptying.


This part of the machine scrubs the floor and caused it to be cleaned. The scrubber brush can be cylindrical or disc. The pressure and speed of brush are important factors which determine how effective the machine works.

Area efficiency

This characteristic indicates the area which the scrubber can cover in a given time.

Power source

Scrubber dryers have electric motor or diesel engine. The electric versions can be battery powered or main powered.

Sound level

It is the noise created when the scrubber operates. If the machine works it can disturb people especially in places such as hospital, library, nursery and etc.


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