use vacuum cleaner in cement factory

۲۲ فروردین ۱۳۹۵

The most important points in the cement industry is cleaning and removal the dirt of cement factory. In order to control pollution in the cement production line, industrial equipment and machinery have been renovated, but the loss of pollutants including raw materials, fly ash, cement, additives and… is still exist. Factories which works with cement industry, average per day works with 15 tons of the drug and the cost of collecting and cleaning it will be very costly. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner can optimize cleaning and so reduce the cost of cleaning too.

Requires compliance with important instructions

All sites and related to cement factories should follow the guidelines EC/2008/1 And ISO 14000. The following instructions should be carried out in the factories:

  • Produce the least waste, minimal use of hazardous materials, recycling and…
  • Prevent pollution at large area
  • Optimize the use of energy
  • full cleaning operation after completion of the plant activity
  • Prevention of accidents and so reduce damage

Cement factory owners should also associated with certification of control management and environmental impact (ISO 14000) As a framework for the development of environmental management systems comply with. But sometimes traditional methods of cleaning causes damage to the cement industry and non-compliance with the above rules. This damage may reduce the production, service delivery inefficient industrial machines, increasing the risk of accidents and… .

The importance of continuous cleaning in cement plant

To improve the quality and diversity of products in a clean surface and reducing the cost of repair and maintenance of machines and extend the useful life of the equipment by cleaning it every day, to minimize the risk of system failure, the safety maximum operator through health devices and dust reduction of cement factory in the area, helping to preserve the environment by collecting pollutants, because of the high quality of the final product to be free from pollution. so industrial vacuum cleaners can be used at any stage of cement production.



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