What are the usage of industrial vacuum cleaner in food industry?

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It is important to use a cleaning tool to perform different tasks in the food industry. Cleaning the working area and recovering the waste are some of these tasks. By using an industrial vacuum, people can resolve their cleaning problems, ensuring the working safety. The machines are available in many different models and prepare many advantages for the food industry.

Vacuum cleaner and its advantage in food industry

Vacuum cleaner is a cleaning machine to remove dust and derbies or recover the useful materials. It uses a suction pump to vacuum the particles in the hopper. The industrial vacuum cleaner, air powered vacuum cleaner and explosion proof ones are some of the different models of vacuum cleaners. In food industry, the vacuum cleaners prevent from entering the Allergenic factors and bacterial contamination in food products. Reducing the cleaning time and the number of service force are another advantages of using a vacuum cleaner in food industry.

Application of vacuum cleaners in food industry

Vacuum cleaner are used in many different food industries such as coffee and tea, meat and flour product. We will describe some of these in the following.

powder material

The dust from powder material such as sugar and flour may be spread in the air. These explosive dust are a danger in the food production area. The ATEX-certified vacuum cleaners van be used to minimize the danger of explosions and assure a safely environment.

Coffee and Tea

In coffee production companies, it is easy to manage tons of coffee by using a centralized vacuum cleaner and a pneumatic conveyor. Also, by using a vacuum cleaner, powder can be recovered and returned to the production cycle.

biscuits, or confectionery

In production of biscuits, or confectionery, it is important to keep the oven clean and maintain the full performance. The vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the oven. Also, the flour or other production can continuously collect from the production lines by a vacuum cleaner or centralized vacuum cleaners.


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