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Introduction of industrial waterjet machines and different types of it

In order to clean a variety of surfaces, different methods such as hand washing and rinsing method were used. Washing traditionally have disadvantages such as wasting water and detergent consumption, high energy consumption for washing and finally undesirable results. Later, with the advent of powerful electric motors and add it to the previous mechanism the Inventors, invented a device called industrial water jet. Today, the washing machine is used to perform various washing operations.

Categories of industrial waterjet

Industrial car wash machines design and Working Time can be changed depending on the customer requirements and it will be divided into two categories. Industrial waterjet machines that require shorter work time, fall in the category of home waterjets and the other category is the industrial waterjet devices.

Advantages of water jet machine

The advantages of water jet machine method compared to hand washing is to increase the speed and quality of cleaning, reduce the energy consumed  by the user, reducing the detergent and water out and at the same time its most important improve the quality of the wash.

Industrial hot water car wash machine

Depending on the user’s needs, water jet output water could provide in two ways, one hot water and the one is cold output water. The machine can be diesel fuel heaters or heater element should be used. the hot water has the potential of cleaning many types of lasting pollutions. Similarly, the output water temperature would be between 40 to 140 degrees Celsius wich is killer for the oil spills!

variety of waterjet engines

Industrial water jet has an engine, which water pressure is multiplied by that depending on the device type. It could be electrical, diesel, or gasoline. the electrical engine can be divided into two types of single phase and three phase. the clients can read the specifications about the waterjet and decide the model they want use.


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