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دستگاه سویپر چیست؟

Cleaning and collecting dry and dusty garbage in the home environment is done with a vacuum cleaner, but what about collecting garbage outside the house, such as the outside environment of shops, factories, etc.? Should this collection be done manually (vacuum cleaner or sweeper)? Apart from the danger that the spread of dust in the environment poses to the health of the people present at the site, the speed of manual cleaning is also very low. The solution for cleaning and collecting garbage and dust in large environments is to use an industrial sweeper. The sweeper is used for cleaning large areas.

What are the advantages of using a sweeper over manual cleaning?

Garbage and dust collection in high-volume environments manually Problems such as low speed, creating danger for people present in the place. But the sweeper is designed to fix all the flaws of the manual method. Using a sweeper, only one person can clean a large area in the shortest possible time, and due to the use of some sweepers in the water spray system, dust is prevented from spreading in the air.

How does the sweeper work?

Before answering this question, one should know the main purpose of the industrial sweeper; But what is this goal, and what garbage does the sweeper have the ability to collect? A sweeper is a vacuum cleaner designed to suck up dust particles and collect solid waste such as tree leaves, plastic, and solid waste. Note that the sweeper is only used as a vacuum cleaner and does not wash the surface. The spraying system is installed only to prevent the spread of dust in the air. An industrial scrubber should be used to clean and wash the floor.

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