Trolley Twin

trolley twin is one of the most important and useful tool for manual cleaning operation which has a really good structure with appropriate quality operation. different kinds of trolley twins work can do cleaning operation efficiency in a short time and these are suitable manual for providing clean and hygienic environment and surface. the trolley twin has the maximum capacity to carry a large amount of load and tools at the same time for using by operators and there are stronger wheels in fully and heavy loaded trolley twins to push it with ease. the trolley twin is an ergonomic and modular device that can be assembled easily; also it has been made of recycled coherent plastic that make it an environmental friendly tool. the trolley twin is produced in various types that contain cleaning, multipurpose, service and hospital trolley twins. the simplest models of mop trolley twins are equipped with separated solution tank and recovery tank mop soaking system that all of them can reduce risk of bacterial contamination and provide excellent results in cleaning and hygiene without transferring contamination. multipurpose trolley twin is ideal for the general cleaning of the environments which require dusting, waste collection, mopping and disinfection of floors and also cleaning of the other surfaces, that it's available all in one single trolley twin and you can do these activities effortlessly. these types of trolley twins can be equipped with spare tools like handle holders, hooks for dustpan and other accessories, baskets with dividers, sprayer holders, carry baskets and many other tools. the anti-bacterial or hospital trolley twins have antibacterial material in their structure and they have a cap and door supporter with rubber wheels that make smooth movement of the trolley twin. they are usually used in hospitals, nursing homes and other tender places. the housekeeping trolley twins are used in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and halls for carrying loads and servicing.

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