upholstery cleaning machine

foam extraction machine is a device to professional cleaning upholstery or some areas with carpet and rug in various places. the foam extraction upholstery machines contain water tanks, an internal compressor to produce foam and a powerful vacuum motor to suck and remove foam and contamination. the most important benefit of these machines is foaming; it means the produced dense foam via compressor is sprayed on the surface, then brushing action is done and after that the surface is vacuumed up by suction power.

in result of foaming, brushing and vacuum system makes it possible to achieve excellent cleaning operation and the great short drying time. the dense and dry foam is made of the chemical solution with the compressed air which is obtained by a dedicated compressor in foam extraction machine, would be better than non-foam liquid.

the dense foam can remove dirt completely and it doesn't remain them on the surfaces of upholstery or textile; also thanks to the powerful vacuum motor the foam and dirt will be vacuumed up well and the surface will be dried quickly.

this machine can be used with the mechanical action cylindrical brush, in order to achieve high quality washing result. the foam extraction upholstery machines are designed in some models which are equipped with a heater for making hot foam, because the hot water and hot foam are more effective and can remove tough and greasy contamination better than cold water.         

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