floor polisher

the single disk machine or floor polisher has been designed to make floors shiny and also it is used for deep cleaning. the single disk machines are robust and versatile with stainless steel body for shampooing and shining small to medium sized surfaces. the single disk machine with high performance is the maintenance free planetary gears with the powerful motor which are made for each other. the non-wearing helical planet gears transmit the power equally over the whole operating components.

this mechanism makes the single disk machine run smoothly and easy to drive. it works with safety without exhaustion, thanks to the adjustable operating handle that it doesn't need to pre-set levels. the single disk machines are equipped with a security button to prevent switching the machine on unintentionally. the cleaning width and the cable length are two standard parameters in all kinds of floor polisher machines.

there is a rubber thrust collar around the brush that protects floor polisher machine, furniture and equipment. the water tank is controlled via the handle bar to spray water or not. floor polisher has a small cross-sectional area, thus because of that, the weight and pressure of the brush toward down will be increased, so the abrasive power grows up. the single disk machine brushes are designed in various types to contain tough, standard and soft brush and the users choose them proportional to their surface texture the right brush.

on the other hand, there is the possibility of installing a variety of polishing pads on the device which are used to make surfaces glossy. the single disk machine works in low sound level, so it is suitable to use in delicate places and the location is calm. it is possible to use stone wax to improve device operation and it causes to make floor shinier. if the floor polisher is used for cleaning floor surfaces, it's better to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to collect the remaining solution.

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