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Weight-bearing cleaning trolleys made of recyclable material called polypropylene can be recycled. The low weight feature of this cleaning tool helps to transfer equipment faster in cleaning operations, and as a result, using trolleys to improve the level of cleanliness and hygiene. It helps a lot, this functional device with its ideal equipment prevents damage to the service user so that in the washing operation there is no need to bend him to wipe the surfaces.
Easy transportation of tools and capabilities of roll dryers and press dryers, as well as a wonderful and standard set of TTs with the easy-to-replace T feature, has amazingly improved the quality of the cleaning surface. The general composition of the trolleys includes T and water buckets. These tanks are installed for storing clean water, dirty water, roller and pressure reservoirs, and according to the user's needs, other equipment such as shelves, drawers and door compartments are also included in some trolleys. Is placed Other accessories that can be used to facilitate the performance of a cleaning user with a trolley include: glass cleaning kit, pad holder, glass cleaning pad and polished glass surface sets, glass pads, glass spatulas, glass cleaners, dust cleaners and dust collectors. Antibacterial cleaning is that dusting and antibacterial cleaning is able to remove all bacteria and pathogens and is made from a combination of high-absorbency antibacterial silver nanoparticles. And the trowel is a very professional and modern tool for cleaning glass, mirrors, tables, and other surfaces. The adjustable tube at the end of the section rotates the cleaning of all out-of-reach points according to the user's needs and facilitates dusting operations, among other ancillary equipment in the trolley.

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