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High pressure washer devices are powerful tools for cleaning and washing various smooth and rough surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. These devices wash and remove all stubborn and fixed contaminants by using high pressure water. These machines are widely used in household, commercial and industrial cleaning, due to their high ability to wash and peel a variety of surfaces. Like other mechanized equipment, in order to improve the performance and use of the maximum power of the machine, additional equipment and accessories can be used.

The main components of the industrial high pressure washer

Water inlet, high pressure pump, high-pressure washer hose, lances and spray nozzles are the main and important parts in a high pressure device. The pressure of the water entering the device is increased by the pump and eventually high pressure water sprays through the pressure hoses, lances and nozzles on target surfaces. The use of proper accessories in washing and cleaning operations, plays an important role in increasing the power of the machine and improving the quality of cleaning.

Advantages of using accessories

High pressure accessories include a wide range of lances, nozzles and hoses that each of them has its own unique performance and increases the efficiency of the machine. Considering the type and volume of pollutants, the material of the target surfaces, and generally the cleaning needs of the environment, is a good guide for choosing the right equipment. Due to its specific structure and features, the equipment provides access to difficult and far-reaching points for the user and therefore significantly increases the quality of cleaning and washing.

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