industrial floor polisher - E 500 S - E 500 S

industrial floor polisher - E 500 S-E 500 S

industrial floor polisher - E 500 S - E 500 S

general specifications

Coverage Area (m3)

productivity (m2/h)


power cable length (m)


working width (mm)


suction width (mm)

Max speed (Km/h)


maximum gradient on ramp (%)

type of trolley

running time (min)

max admissible over pressure (bar)

type of wringer

detergent pressure


hose drum

water tank

total stop system

cleaning width (mm)

minimum round width(cm)




wash capacity (cars per hour)

max wash height (m)

max wash width (m)

Cleaning width (carpet/hard floor)(mm)

max height (m)

lance Length (m)

lance material

chassis and wheel

feeding hose (m)

number of pad

bag and belt

explosion proof



productivity (mL/m2)

pH (Concentrated)

pH (Ready to Use)

Productivity (g/L)

Productivity ( ml/L)

pump specifications

operating pressure (bar)

water output (liter/min)

inlet water temperature, max (˚C)

suction height (m)

nozzle size

tank specifications

Essential oil tank volume (ml)

type of tank

solution tank capacity (L)


recovery tank capacity (L)

tank material

water tank capacity (L)

hopper unloading

hopper capacity (L)

hopper emptying height (m)

water tank

detergent tank )L)

brush specifications

number of brushes


brush type

brush speed (rpm)


brush pressure (kg)


side brush diameter (mm)

Main brush length (mm)

brush width (mm)

power of brush motor (W)

suction unit specifications

type of vacuum motor

types and number of vacuum

Power of vacuum motor (W)

waterlift max (mh2o)

air flow max (m3/h)

suction inlet (mm)

squeegee shape

Hose length (m)

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter

filter cleaning system

filter area (cm2)

filter class

safety filter

air load on primary filter (m/h)

volume filter (l)

motor and power supply specifications

motor type

energy consumption (w)

power (KW)


voltage - frequency (V - Hz)


battery type

fuel tank capacity (L)

fuel consumption (L/h)

(number of batteries×voltage)

battery capacity (Ah)

motor capacity (m3)

number of cylinders

power of traction motor (W)

power of compressor (W)

pression (bar)

compressed air supply (L/min)

physical specifications

high pressure hose length (m)

noise level (db)


weight (kg)


dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


body Material

height and width of machine

length of rail (m)

wheel diameter (mm)

boiler specifications

boiler type

boiler power (KW)

hot water output temperature (˚C)

steam temperature, max (˚C)

boiler fuel tank capacity (L)

boiler fuel consumption (L/h)

drier system specifications

total power (watt)

number-power of top dryer

numbe - power of side dryer

horizontal dryer lift

angle dryer

water and shampoo spray specifications

number of rinse - Wax nozzle

number of shampoo spray nozzle

number of foam spray nozzle

Special Features

wheel wash

Digital Thermometer

Remote control


PLC controller

speed control capability

safety system against frost


volume of garbage bag (L)

bag holder

lockable door

other features

other facilities

by-pass pump specifications

types of pump

power of pump (W)

Maximum pressure(bar)

Maximum water-flow ( l/min)

steem system specifications

power of boiler (W)

steam generation (l/s)

boiler capacity (L)

steam output temperature (° C)

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces



Combined Ratio with Water in Manual Methods

Combined Ratio with water in Scrubber Dryer

Combined Ratio with water in Polisher

Combined Ratio with Water in Pressure Washer

Combined Ratio with Water in Escalators Cleaner

Combined Ratio with Water in Washing Machine

Other Features

Combined Ratio with Water in Dishwashing Machine