industrial sweeper - atom e sa

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brand : RCM category : floor sweeping machine code : Atom E SA

atom e sa is an industrial sweeper manufactured by the italian company of rcm and is considered to be the smallest ride-on industrial sweeper. the machine is designed for cleaning small to medium-sized indoor environments like warehouses, small industrial sites, supermarkets and department stores. atom e sa is a battery-operated machine and due its compact size, it benefits from high efficiency and excellent maneuverability in sweeping aforementioned environments. since the machine can be controlled like a vehicle, the cleaning operator can work with it for hours without the slightest feeling of fatigue. in addition, the front differential system is designed in a way that there will be fewer collisions with the obstacles around. 

in order to take care of the surface cleaning procedure, the operator takes the seat, and then by using the control keys on the steering wheel, collects the dust and waste on the surface. since the seat is placed in the front of the machine, the operator has a through view of his surrounding which lessens the possibility of collisions and guarantees the operator’s safety. there is an actively flashing warning light while the operator is working, which warns those who are around about the approach of the machine. atom e sa is equipped with two counter-clock-wise rotating brushes which collect the dust and dirt in the environment. since the cleaning procedure may produce some dust, the brushes are equipped with dust vacuuming systems which will collect dust particles. it is also possible to disactivate the vacuuming function when sweeping a wet environment only by pressing a simple button.

atom e sa

since the side brushes are retractable, they will undergo the least possible damage incase of colliding obstacles. as the cleaning procedure goes on, the garbage will be pile at the center of and will be sent into the waste container by the cylindrical brush. with regard to the counter-clock-wise rotation of the cylindrical brush a big portion of the waste container which has a capacity of 95 liters will be filled. 

there is a hydraulic jack embedded in the device which is used in order to facilitate emptying the tank. taking advantage of this feature, the cleaning operator will lift the waste container only for 150 centimeters and empty it up with no manual operation.  

in order to prevent the dust from returning to the environment after being cleaned, the machine takes advantage of a polyester cartridge filter with a high filtration level. the filter cleaning system is equipped with an electrical shaker. atom e sa has a resistant structure and a steel chassis adds to its strength.  large, solid, super elastic wheels of atom e sa not only make a smooth movement over the surface possible but they also quite resistant against getting punctured. furthermore, the machine has a very simple design which enables the operator access different parts and components of it and check and repair them if necessary.

atom e sa distinguishing features

atom e sa is the smallest ride-on sweeper which is equipped with a hydraulic jack; a feature that helps the operator empty the waste container very easily. some of the most significant features of this machine are as follows:

powerful vacuuming system

in order to control the dust and preventing the dust particles from getting around as a result of the brush rotation, atom e sa is equipped with a vacuuming system over side brushes which vacuums all airborne particles before they get spread in the air.

high filtration power

in order to prevent the small dust particles from getting out of the waste container, there are 5 cartridge filters with an area of 5 square meters. since the machine is equipped with an electrical filter cleaning system, there will be a better and optimized performance of the filtration system.  

operator’s open view

in order to maximize the operator’s view while operating and improving the safety of the environment while working, the operator’s seat is placed in the front of the machine. not only will he have complete control over the environment being cleaned, but also there will be a raise in cleaning quality. 

efficient design and simple control panel

in order to facilitate guiding the machine and controlling it as a ride-on industrial sweeper, the control panel is assembled on the steering wheel. easy access to the machine’s control panel has added to its popularity among people. 

hydraulic jack

in order to facilitate unloading the waste container, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic jack, and the operator will be enabled to unload the waste container, while lifting it up to 150 cm.

three-wheeled design 

as a small industrial sweeper with compact dimensions, atom e sa is designed in order to promote maneuverability and also meet hygienic needs in small to medium-sized environments. taking advantage of three wheels and placing one of them in the front of the machine plays an important role in promoting maneuverability of the machine and not much space will be needed for the machine to turn around.

reducing the operator’s fatigue can be considered as an immediate result of the ergonomic design of the machine. a comfortable seat with enough space for the operator increases the efficiency remarkable.

backward rotation of the central brush

in order to transfer the pollutants to the waste container, and to maximize use of the waste container’s capacity, the central cylindrical brush has a backward rotation. since the pollutants go to the waste container from above, waste container’s capacity will be used efficiently.

v-shaped structure of central brush fibers

the v-shaped style of the central brush plays an important role in collecting pollutants.  taking advantage of these brushes in industrial sweepers increases the power and strength of the machine and results in a high-quality cleaning

retractable side brush

the height of side brushes is adjusted by a mechanical lever so that there will be more contact between the brush and the floor. besides, when the side brushes retract upon colliding obstacle, the machine will work for a longer time.

strong wheels

taking advantage of solid and resistant wheels helps the machine move smoothly and easily. the wheels are so strong that they won’t get punctured.

easy service and maintenance

in order to facilitate service and maintenance, all components are easily accessible. those components that might wear frequently can be replaced very easily.

warning flashing light

the machine is also equipped with a warning flashing light, which works while the machine is working.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 6875
Max speed (Km/h) 5.5-6.5
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 10-12
running time (min) 165
cleaning width (mm) 1250
minimum round width(cm) 250

tank specifications

hopper unloading Hydraulic
hopper capacity (L) 95
hopper emptying height (m) 1.5

brush specifications

side brush diameter (mm) 390
Main brush length (mm) 700

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum centrifugal--1

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter cartridge-5
filter cleaning system electric
filter area (cm2) 50000

motor and power supply specifications

motor type battery
power (KW) 1.5
(number of batteries×voltage) 12×2
battery capacity (Ah) 180

physical specifications

weight (kg) 432
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1360×960×1180