industrial sweeper - mille d

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brand : RCM category : industrial floor sweeper code : Mille D

mille d is an industrial sweeper made by rcm company of italy and is equipped with a diesel engine manufactured by lombardini company. a steel chassis, resistant and strong and retractability of the side brushes when colliding obstacles, protects the machine against any possible blows. mille d diesel sweeper can move powerfully on steep surfaces with a maximum angle of 18 degrees. taking advantage of super elastic, puncture-proof, large and solid tires helps the machine move smoothly over different surfaces. as an industrial sweeper, the machine has a theoretical efficiency of 19900 square meters per hour a powerful motor which all together make it a good choice for deep cleaning operations, apt for cleaning warehouses, airports, streets, car parks, sports centers, and large industrial environments. 

both central and side brushes are floating and their height can be adjusted by a mechanical lever so as to lessen wear and tear. the dust buster system which is designed on side brushes prevent the spread dust while cleaning. the machine is equipped with parallel pocket filters made of polyester, with an anti-static cover and a filtration level of 5.13 square meters which provide a high filtration level preventing dust from coming back to the environment. since the filter is equipped with an electrical shaker, there is no need to remove it to be cleaned, and it can be cleaned simply by vacuum cleaning it.

with regard to the counter-clock- wise rotation of the central brush, mille d waste container is filled from above. this way a larger portion of waste container capacity will be filled. the waste container can be lifted up to 155 cm in order to be discharged which adds to the security and hygiene of the environment. the operator’s seat is placed in the front of the machine and thus the operator has an open view of the environment which makes the operation safe. the operator’s cabin is equipped with a cooling and heating system and his seat can be adjusted at the appropriate height. the flashing warning light and the front light are among other equipment that provide the cleaning operation with more safety and security.

mille d distinguishing features

mille d has a special design that makes it apt for cleaning and removing dust, debris and other pollutants in large environments. some unique features of the machine are as follows:

great maneuverability

in order to facilitate getting transferred, the machine is equipped with three wheels, one of which is located in the front of the machine and adds to machine’s power and maneuverability. 

dust control system

in order to prevent dust particles from getting around, and also providing the operator and the people who are around with a high level of safety, the machine is equipped with a dust buster system over side brushes which vacuums dust particles resulting from the brushes’ rotation and promotes the quality of the air.

brush front flap

in order to enforce the vacuity and prevent the dust particles from getting around, a plastic flap is located in the front of the machine over the side brushes. 

powerful filtration system

mille d industrial sweeper is equipped with parallel pocket filters made of polyester with an anti-static cover and an area of 5.13 cm which guarantees high productivity of the machine in polluted area.

cleaning the filter

in order to facilitate filter cleaning and prevent consequent problems for the filter, the machine is equipped with electrical filter cleaning system. the filter is shaken at times so as to prevent fine dust particles which are trapped in filter from causing the filter to get choked. furthermore, the structure of the machine enables the filter to get cleaned without getting removed. to do so, a vacuum cleaner is all the operator needs.

the operator’s open view

the machine is designed following the purpose of promoting the operator’s view of his roundabout. in order to reach this goal, the operator’s seat is placed in the front of the machine which gives the operator a better sight of his roundabout. 

ergonomic design

taking advantage of an ergonomic design in mille d structure, and providing the operator with a comfortable seat and enough space, reduces the operator’s fatigue while working.

counter-clock-wise rotation

central brush has a counter-clock-wise rotation and transfers the pollutants into the waste container from above. this way, a better use will be made of the waste container capacity.

central brush v-shaped fibers

central brush fibers have a backward rotation which leads to an effective transfer of pollutants of different sizes to the waste container.

waste container hydraulic discharge

mille d has a capacity of 350 liters and since it is equipped with a hydraulic jack, it can be discharged by getting lifted up to 1.47 cm.

 operator’s cabin

in order to protect the operator and providing him with a comfortable space while working. the operator’s cabin is equipped with a heating and cooling system, and working outdoors in different seasons won’t trouble the operator.

flashing warning light

since the sweeper is equipped with a warning flashlight which guarantees more safety while the machine is working.

resistant body

the steel chassis, solid and puncture-proof wheels are designed to aid the machine in hard working conditions. 

in order to extend life of the machine and to protect side brushes in case of any collisions with obstacles, mille d side brushes are retractable. 

easy service and maintenance

easy access to internal components and not needing any special tools for replacing or repairing these components has facilitated service and maintenance.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 19900
Max speed (Km/h) 11.7-12.2
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 18-20
running time (min) 190
cleaning width (mm) 1700
minimum round width(cm) 340

tank specifications

hopper unloading hydraulic
hopper capacity (L) 350
hopper emptying height (m) 1.47

brush specifications

side brush diameter (mm) 600
Main brush length (mm) 1000

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum centrifugal-2

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter sack-1
filter cleaning system electric
filter area (cm2) 135000

motor and power supply specifications

motor type diesel - lombardini
power (KW) 19.5
fuel consumption (L/h) 5.2
fuel tank capacity (L) 15
motor capacity (m3) 1028
number of cylinders 3

physical specifications

weight (kg) 970
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1970×1340×1480