street sweeper - ronda

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brand : RCM category : advance city street sweeper code : Ronda

ronda is the most compact sweeper manufactures by italian rcm company. it’s a perfect choice for cleaning pavements, cycle paths, pedestrianized areas, arcades and sports facilities. cleaning the surfaces is performed with floating main and side brushes of the sweeper that controlled and lifted hydraulically. side brushes are retractable to prevent damage to the machine from probable impacts.

a front brush is also used that cleans both right and left and moves easily for reaching dirt also in the most difficult corners. street sweeper ronda has a mechanical-vacuum system allowing both heavy and bulky material to be collected and to vacuum dust pm10 in a large dust filter. this sack filter is cleaned easily with the dust filter shaker. the operator can clean wet area by cutting vacuum system off. a roller brush removes any dirt from the ground and throws them into the hopper. the 310liter hopper can be lifted up to 1.35 meters and unloaded into the street bins. so it can carry out long work shifts without interruption. ronda makes an excellent visibility for the user to sweep the surfaces safely and precisely because of the front driving seat.

the adjustable sprung seat with power steering causes easy and fast cleaning performance. a cabin with cooling and heating system enables ronda to operate in any weather conditions. this machine is equipped with four large wheels, allowing quick sweeping without causing a disturbance. it is comfortable to access all part of the machine, so the user can repair it easily. these wheels make the sweeper very stable and comfortable for climbing of curbs. these machines have also the lifting front flap for litter, heavy duty steel chassis, service and parking brake and front headlights.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 19900
Max speed (Km/h) 10-18
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 16-18
running time (min) 350
cleaning width (mm) 1900
minimum round width(cm) 500

tank specifications

hopper unloading hydraulic
hopper capacity (L) 310
hopper emptying height (m) 1.35

brush specifications

side brush diameter (mm) 600
Main brush length (mm) 485

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum centrifugal-1

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter sack-1
filter cleaning system electric
filter area (cm2) 80000

motor and power supply specifications

motor type diesel - kubota
power (KW) 20
fuel consumption (L/h) 4.7
fuel tank capacity (L) 25
motor capacity (m3) 1123
number of cylinders 3

physical specifications

weight (kg) 1270
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2619×1032×2130


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