automatic rollover car wash - m'nex22

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brand : Istobal category : auto car wash machine code : M'NEX22

m'nex22 is an automatic rollover car wash from istobal company. it is a new generation of rollovers to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world. the car wash has a steel frame with galvanized coating to prevent damages due to wet conditions. with the programing system, each wash process can be personalized. actually, the user can configure any functions according to the requirements of the wash programs. the vehicle is located in a special place and the machine moves on the rail to clean it. pre-washing, foam spraying, shampoo spraying, brushing, rinsing and drying are performed at the maximum time of 5 minutes by m'nex22 car wash. for brushing the car body, this rollover car wash uses two vertical brushes and one horizontal brush. these brushes are made from high quality foam and don’t damage to the car. the accurate wash control thanks to 10 tilt of side brushes. m'nex22 rollover car wash uses two rotating brushes for wheel washing. these brushes wash all parts of the ring using a detection system of position wheels. after brushing and rinsing, the nozzles spray wax to speed up drying. also the dryer systems are located on the top of the car, drying the car body fast and very well. there are other safety features such as a vehicle derailing prevention system, exterior anti-smashing system and safe height limit for m'nex22 auto car wash machine to guarantee safe wash facility. new generation photocell sensors are also used for controlling the distance between equipment and car body. this machine is eco-friendly due to use of two different water systems, the recycled water for washing and the purified water for ringing.

technical specifications

general specifications

wash capacity (cars per hour) 10-12
max wash height (m) 2.5
max wash width (m) 2.5

brush specifications

number of brushes 3
brush type foam

physical specifications

body Material galvanized steel
height and width of machine 3.30 × 4.10
length of rail (m) 10

drier system specifications

total power (watt) 14
number-power of top dryer 2 – 3 KW
numbe - power of side dryer 2 – 4 KW
horizontal dryer lift yes
angle dryer advanced

water and shampoo spray specifications

number of rinse - Wax nozzle 4
number of shampoo spray nozzle 12
number of foam spray nozzle 8

Special Features

wheel wash yes
PLC controller yes - advanced
speed control capability yes
safety system against frost optional


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