multipurpose cleaning cart alpha 0401402

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brand : Filmop category : cleaning cart code : MA0401402U

trolley with necessary equipment and tools is used to general cleaning, waste collection, cleaning and disinfection from surfaces and floors in medium and large environments. this cleaning cart has a long base and an asymmetric vertical frame is equipped with one handycontainer (trash bin) 70 liters, a plastic basket, closing profile, two 15 liter buckets, the wringer support and other facilities.

strong, compact, ergonomic, modular cleaning cart makes parts could connected to each other fast and user can use it easily. it is made of polypropylene copolymer so that it is environment friendly and recyclable. to maintain balance and stability when the cleaning cart is full and heavy, it can be equipped with an extra wheel in the middle.

its plastic vertical frames separates waste bag from the rest of the cleaning cart so that provides the maximum hygiene. 70 liter bucket can also be used without the bag. this bucket has a drainage in the floor for an easy and complete internal cleaning of the bin. the side grip help while emptying the bin. 4 liter buckets are in different colors used to separate detergents or tools from each other. two 15 liter buckets are to separate cleaning solution and rinse water for better cleaning results and hygiene, so it reduce infection and also save water and detergent and time to washing. press wringer with plastic jaws leads to better dewatering spaghetti mop and flat mop heads. the cleaning cart can equipped with other tools such as a hooks for dust pan or other tools, sprayer holder, baskets with dividers, carry baskets and many other accessories.

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley multipurpose
type of wringer press
material polypropylene

tank specifications

type of tank two separated tanks
solution tank capacity (L) 15
recovery tank capacity (L) 15

physical specifications

weight (kg) 20.6
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1020×681×1110
wheel diameter (mm) 100

Special Features

volume of garbage bag (L) 70
other features recyclable - detachable components
other facilities two 4 liter buckets - holder box for cleaning tools and buckets - trash with valve and handle


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