dust collector - evap560

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brand : Delfin category : IND vacuum cleaning machine code : EV AP 560

the evap560 is an industrial dust collector with an electrical fan which makes a significant difference between this model and the others and it is more powerful, thus enables to absorb and filter. this machine has a great air flow to suck light dusts. the evap560 is an ideal solution for removing any kind of suspended dust particles in the air and because of extra high air flow it can remove particles with a little higher weight. the dust collector is able to vacuum suspended dusts directly from the air and source. when the suction inlet is placed close to the source of dust they will be sucked up easier, also the directly collection of the exhaust gases from the source of the origin causes to not allow entering them into the environment at all. one of the most important the application of the evap560 ind vacuum cleaning machine is collecting aluminum and pvc dust and shavings which makes the users sure the most amount of waste materials and chips are recovered at the origin. also this process will minimize the required time of workplace cleaning and maintenance of it.

the evap560 industrial dust collector has been equipped with a maintenance free turbine motor that performs 24 hours continuous operation. the machine is made based on integrated suction unit and high prevalence filtration system. the evap560 dust collector tool has sturdy steel construction with epoxy paint and it includes a detachable large capacity waste container that has practical solution mechanism that will be released rapidly, as well as there is possibility of direct filling into the disposable bag for removing sucked materials quickly.

the star filter with high surface has been mounted on the evap560 three phase ind vacuum cleaning machine that can filter particles as small as 3 micron (class l). there is a filter cleaning system on the machine which is built in and by moving a handle of shaker to remove dust from filter.

technical specifications

general specifications

material steel
cyclones yes
IP-class 55
standard CE - ISO9001

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 100

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum dust fan - 1
waterlift max (mh2o) 350-300-200
air flow max (m3/h) 1100-1800-2700
suction inlet (mm) 80

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter star - 1
filter cleaning system shaker
filter area (cm2) 50000
filter class L
air load on primary filter (m/h) 360

motor and power supply specifications

motor type turbine
power (KW) 4
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 50 - 400

physical specifications

noise level (db) 74
weight (kg) 130
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 780×850×2500
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