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heavy wash progress is an car washing machine designed with the latest washing and communication technologies. it is used for washing heavy vehicle with different sized such as bus, van, truck and trailer. this car wash machine has a strong frame is made of hot dipped galvanized steel to prevent the damages in wet condition. the 24meter rail of the car wash prepares the wide spaces for moving rollover to increase work efficiency. operator can select and configure wash programs, monitor wash functions and review operating information by using a control box. it has a touch screen and a stainless steel screen protector. heavy wash progress car wash has many ringing nozzles and shampoo spraying nozzles to clean up to 6 vehicles in an hour fast and in the best way. by using an advanced water purification system, the mineral materials are removed and the purified water is used. so the rinsing process is performed without creating any spots. for brushing the car body, the machine uses the brushes are made of polyethylene. these brushes remove deep dirt from the body of cars without any damage. the vertical brush is used for top of the vehicle and the front and rear brushes are used for front, rear and side parts. on each wash program, the operator can activate or deactivate the front and rear brush overlapping. also, special wash functions are available for safely and effectively washing vehicles with panoramic wide mirrors. after the brushing and rinsing, heavy wash progress machine sprays wax by nozzles. using the wax can facilitate drying and polish the car body. control of brush pressure on the body and location detection of vehicles are other cases increasing the safe use of the car wash.

technical specifications

general specifications

wash capacity (cars per hour) 4-6
max wash height (m) 4.50
max wash width (m) 2.83

brush specifications

number of brushes 3
brush type polyethylene

physical specifications

body Material galvanized steel
height and width of machine 5.40 × 4.74
length of rail (m) 24

water and shampoo spray specifications

number of rinse - Wax nozzle 30
number of shampoo spray nozzle 22

Special Features

wheel wash no
safety system against frost yes


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