antibacterial cleaning cart ab-plus alpha 1803702

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brand : Filmop category : cleaning cart code : MZ1803702Z

trolley is used for waste collection and cleaning of medical sensitive environments and hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, child care centers and etc. this useful tool made of antibacterial material and prevents the growth of bacteria, so not only is easily washable, but also is used for cleaning sanitary environments. this cleaning cart is made of excellent and recyclable material, so that it is an environmentally friendly.

this cleaning cart has lockable closure profile, which four 4 liter buckets with handles and a 22 liter drawer with lock to keep detergents and tools are in it. because of that the silence in hospitals and medical centers is very important, the cover of center closure profile has two pistons makes it close soft and silent.

the side walls and closure profile makes cleaning cart looks good and tidy, and because of its cover, contents will be kept well. there is an encasement for 150 liter bag in this cleaning cart to trash collection. one of features of this hospitality tool is 2 liter bucket with cover, that used to mop rinsing and keeping detergents. 

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley anti-bacterial
material plastic - zinc pyrithione

tank specifications

type of tank with lid - two separated tanks
solution tank capacity (L) 20
recovery tank capacity (L) 20

physical specifications

weight (kg) 31.6
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1180×580×1120
wheel diameter (mm) 125

Special Features

volume of garbage bag (L) 150
bag holder yes
other features recyclable
other facilities one 22 liter lockable drawer bucket - four 4 liter buckets - holder box for cleaning tools and buckets - dosing system


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